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Various Artists: Rock & Roll with Piano Vol. 6

[cover art]

"Real rockin' rarities for those who like their 50s Rock 'n' Roll with lots of pumpin' poundin' piano! Packed with rare original Rock 'n' Roll with 30 tracks including Carl Dean, Frank Patterson, Chuck Jones, Mickey Lynn, Danny Diamond, The Spacemen & lots more."

Includes Paul London & the Capers with Garth Hudson doing a cover of the Mello-Tones' 1957 hit "Rosie Lee", recorded in 1961 with Arman Boladian at RCA-Victor's Toronto Studio.


  1. Carl Dean - Wait Till The Sun Comes Down
  2. The Bartenders - Ballad Of Big Otis
  3. Frank Patterson - My Baby Can
  4. Gary Ray & The Charms - What'cha Gonna Do
  5. Hila King - Death Valley
  6. Dick Lamb - The Kilt Twist
  7. Chuck Jones - Dance With Me
  8. Wes Warren - That's Alright Mama
  9. Phil Soffos - Rock All Night
  10. Mickey Lynn - Want-Ad For You
  11. Vinnie Monte - Naughty Naughty Baby
  12. Paul London & The Capers - Rosie Lee
  13. Danny Diamond & The Rubies - The Badman
  14. Mike Kelly - Heart Breaker & A Leaver
  15. Cookie & Charlie - Let's Go Rock 'n' Roll
  16. Herbie Smith - So Wild Over You
  17. Joyce Gray - I'm Confused
  18. Jerry Doell - Tree Tops
  19. The Spacemen - Smokey
  20. Carl Dean - Jenny Jenny
  21. Art Buchanan - Time Will Tell
  22. Johnny Bush - Your Kind Of Love
  23. Tilton Sisters - Bird Dog
  24. Unknown Artist - Pinball Boogie
  25. Kenny Everett - What Is It?
  26. Dave Carlson - Dave's Blues
  27. Rick Bennett & The Jesters - Go On Home
  28. Wallace Waters - Good Better Best
  29. Chester & Ruby - I've Got A Notion
  30. Carl Dean - Go Go Go Johnny Go

Various Artists - Rock & Roll with Piano Vol. 6 - Raucous Records - 2003

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