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[Cover Art]

Hoyt Axton has enjoyed an amazingly diverse career as a songwriter, recording artist and movie actor. While Axton is rooted equal parts in the folk and country traditions, his pop smarts have enabled him to land substantial hits with numerous artists. Among the artists who have recorded Axton's songs are Three Dog Night ("Joy to the World," "Never Been to Spain"), the Kingston Trio ("Greenback Dollar"), Steppenwolf ("The Pusher," "Snowblind Friend"), and Ringo Starr ("No No Song"), as well as Waylon Jennings, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, John Denver, and Commander Cody. As an artist, Axton has released a string of remarkably consistant albums that feature his warm baritone and wry earthy lyrical style.
-- Rick Clark, All-Music Guide

Garth Hudson can be heard on the track "Viva Pancho Villa" (Hoyt Axton) on A Rusty Old Halo. On his 1990 album Spin of the Wheel, Axton did a cover of The Band classic "The Weight." A Rusty Old Halo was re-released on by Edsel on a a 1998 Axton compilation CD.


  1. Rusty Old Halo
  2. Della and The Dealer
  3. The Hotel Ritz
  4. So Hard To Give It All Up
  5. Evangelina
  6. Torpedo
  7. Viva Pancho Villa
  8. Wild Bull Rider
  9. In A Young Girl's Mind
  10. Gotta Keep Rollin'


  • Hoyt Axton - vocals
  • Garth Hudson - accordion
  • John Mauceri - drums, percussion
  • Miranda Alcott - bass
  • Hank Barrio - guitar
  • James Burton - electric guitar
  • Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - guitar
  • Donna Roberts - piano
  • Dennis Fletchett - mandolin
  • Paul Butterfield - harmonica
  • Mark Dawson - backing vocal
  • Jane Lee Dare - backing vocal
  • Carol Hunt - backing vocal, percussion

Hoyt Axton - A Rusty Old Halo - 1979 - Jeremiah 5000

AMG Rating: 4 (out of 9)

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