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[cover art]

That Dylan was suffering writer's block should have been apparent from the skimpy Nashville Skyline, but he shocked his following by turning out this two-record set mostly devoted to covers of songs by the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel. A few tracks were drawn from Dylan's concert performance at the Isle of Wight on Aug. 31, 1969, and they proved ragged. For an audience accustomed to Dylan's classic '60s albums, this first album of the '70s was a crushing disappointment.
-- William Ruhlmann, All-Music Guide

There are four songs ("Like a Rolling Stone", "The Mighty Quinn", "Minstrel Boy", and "She Belongs to Me") on Dylan's "Self Portrait" album that are live numbers from the Band/Dylan show at the Isle of Wight on Aug. 31, 1969.


1. All The Tired Horses
2. Alberta No. 1
3. Forgot More Than You'll Ever
4. Day's Of 49
5. Early Mornin' Rain
6. In Search Of Little Sadie
7. Let It Be Me
8. Little Sadie
9. Woogie Boogie
10. Belle Isle
11. Living The Blues
12. Like A Rolling Stone MPEG3-file (94K)
13. Copper Kettle
14. Gotta Travel On
15. Blue Moon
16. Boxer
17. Mighty Quinn MPEG3-file (94K)
18. Take Me As I Am
19. Take A Message To Mary
20. It Hurts Me Too
21. Minstrel Boy MPEG3-file (94K)
22. She Belongs To Me MPEG3-file (94K)
23. Wigwam
24. Alberta No. 2


(only members of The Band listed)
  • Rick Danko, bass/violin/vocal
  • Levon Helm, mandolin/drums/vocal
  • Garth Hudson, keyboards/saxophone
  • Richard Manuel, drums/keyboards/vocal
  • Robbie Robertson, guitar/vocal

Bob Dylan backed by The Band - Self Portrait - (73:15) - 1970 - C2X 30050
Compact Disc: Columbia CGK-30050

AMG Rating: 5 (out of 9)

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