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Formed in 1984 in Saskatchewan, Canada, Northern Pikes released their album debut, Scene in North America, in 1985. The band, comprised of Meryl Bryck (vocals, guitar), Bryan Potvin (vocals, guitar), Jay Sembo (vocals, bass) and Don Schmid (drums), then released three consecutive Canadian platinum albums: Big Blue Sky (1987), Secrets of the Alibi (1989) and Snow in June (1990). Neptune, released in 1992, had a minor U.S. hit called "She Ain't Pretty." Gig appeared in 1993, and the group split up later the same year. They reunited in 1999, touring and releasing new material.

Snow in June, recorded at Bearsville Studios near Woodstock, NY, features great accordian and organ from Garth Hudson and thundering piano from Stan Szelest, particularly notable on the song "Kiss Me You Fool." Stan was a member of The Band at that time.

A couple of videos were made for this album, featuring both Garth and Stan playing along. Rumors say either Rick Danko or John Sebastian also turns up in one of the Northern Pikes videos.

Some of the songs from Snow in June surfaced again on the 1999 Northern Pikes compilation Hits & Assorted Secrets 1983-1993.


  1. Dream Away
  2. Love These Hands
  3. Kiss Me You Fool
  4. She Ain't Pretty
  5. Tomorrow Never Comes
  6. Shadow Of Doubt
  7. Shotgun Morning
  8. Isn't It Lovely
  9. Unimportant
  10. Am I In Your Way
  11. Girl With A Problem
  12. Greenfields
  13. Snow In June


(only members of the Band listed)
  • Garth Hudson, keyboards/organ/accordion

The Northern Pikes - Snow In June - 56:46 - 1990- Virgin Records - VL/VL4-03084/V2-86634
Also: 1991 - Scotti Bros. 75223-2

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