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Killian Mansfield: Somewhere Else

with Levon Helm, Dr. John, Kate Pierson, Todd Rundgren, John Sebastian and more...

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SOMEWHERE ELSE is the dream project of Killian Mansfield, a 15-year-old ukulele wizard from Woodstock, NY who is battling a rare form of cancer. Eclectic, uplifting, fun and funky, SOMEWHERE ELSE is a mix of songs performed by Killian with critically acclaimed singers and musicians including Dr. John, Kate Pierson, John Sebastian, Todd Rundgren and Levon Helm. Proceeds benefit the Killian Mansfield Foundation, which supports and promotes Integrative Therapies for children with cancer. Produced and engineered by Ralph Legnini (former studio sidekick for Todd Rundgren and Nile Rodgers), SOMEWHERE ELSE includes world class rock, jazz, blues, country and folk musicians doing a lot of genre hopping, (picture B-52's Kate Pierson with renowned country fiddler Jay Ungar!) There is truly something for everyone on this remarkable CD. This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.
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  1. Express Yourself - Amy Helm; Jay Collins; Randy Ciarlante; KT Legnini; Killian Mansfield; Jay Collins; Ralph Legnini
  2. Scratch My Back - Dr. John; Ralph Legnini; Randy Ciarlante; Frank Campbell; Scott Healy
  3. Somewhere Else - Bar Scott, Amy Helm, Dorraine Scofield, Amy Fradon; Ralph Legnini; Killian Mansfield; Sara Lee; Bruce Katz
  4. Fishin' Blues - John Sebastian; Ralph Legnini; Killian Mansfield; Molly Mason; Jay Ungar; Bruce Katz
  5. Girl from Ipanema - KT Legnini; Killian Mansfield; Chris Wood; Zachary Alford; Ralph Carney; Ralph Legnini
  6. Kiss - Killian Mansfield; Scott Healy; Ralph Legnini
  7. Heaven Bound - Gail Ann Dorsey; Sara Lee; Killian Mansfield; Ralph Legnini
  8. Blue Skies - Laurel Masse; Killian Mansfield; Chris Wood; Ralph Carney; Dennis Mackrel
  9. There's Love in My Food - Ralph Legnini; Kate Pierson; Killian Mansfield; Scott Healy; Jay Ungar
  10. Jack & Jill - Barbara Mansfield; Sara Lee; Killian Mansfield; Molly Mason; Jay Ungar; Ralph Carney; Ralph Legnini
  11. Fire in My Pocket - Jim Treutlein; Ralph Legnini; Levon Helm; Amy Helm; Levon's Dog; Lee Henry Collins; Barbara Mansfield; Killian Mansfield
  12. Starman - Lucia Legnini; Cally Mansfield; Eric Parker; Killian Mansfield; Gail Ann Dorsey; Rob Sabino; Ralph Legnini;Todd Rundgren
  13. If I Can Dream - Killian Mansfield; Randy Ciarlante; Scott Healy; Ralph Legnini

Killian Mansfield - Somewhere Else - 2009 - 429 Records

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