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Levon Helm & The Crowmatix: Souvenir

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The Woodstock-based group The Crowmatix did several concerts in '96 and '97 together with Levon Helm, and also recorded both on their own and with Levon during this period. Their first CD, released on Aaron Hurwitz' Woodstock Records, is titled Souvenir because Levon refers to it as a "souvenir record", i.e. not a major label release.

The CD is now sold out and is no longer available from Woodstock Records. The music is still available for download from iTunes.

The Crowmatix are Marie Spinosa, Randy Ciarlante (also drummer and singer with The Band), Aaron Hurwitz, Mike Dunn, and Jim Eppard. The Band members Garth Hudson, Jim Weider, and Richard Bell are also present on Souvenir.


  1. I Finally Got You
    [RealAudio] MPEG file (751K)
    Recorded live with Levon Helm on lead vocal, horns by Tom Malone.

  2. Java Blues
    [RealAudio] MPEG file (761K)
    Vocal and accoustic guitar by Levon, back-up vocals by Amy Helm and Marie Spinosa, Garth on accordion. Studio recording.

  3. Poor Little Fool
    [RealAudio] MPEG file (788K)
    Marie Spinosa lead vocal, Jim Weider on slide guitar. Studio recording.

  4. Crazy 'Bout You, Baby
    Lead vocal by Randy Ciarlante. Live recording.

  5. Don't Ya Tell Henry
    Levon on lead vocal and mandolin. Live.

  6. That's Alright Marie Spinosa vocal, Garth Hudson horns, Richard Bell organ. Studio recording.

  7. Milk Cow Boogie
    Levon on vocal. Live recording.

  8. Rag Mama Rag
    Levon on vocal and mandolin. Live recording.

  9. Too Close Chairs
    Marie & Aaron on vocal. Studio recording.

  10. Paramount
    Randy on vocal. Studio recording.

  11. 300 Lbs.
    Jimmy E. on vocal, Levon on harp. Studio recording.

  12. Great Beyond
    Aaron & Marie on vocal. Studio Recording.


  • Levon Helm, vocals/mandolin/guitar/harp
  • Aaron Hurwitz, keyboards/vocals/back-up vocals
  • Mike 'Little Elmo' Dunn, bass/back-up vocals
  • Jimmy Eppard, guitars/vocals/back-up vocals
  • Randy Ciarlante, drums/vocals/back-up vocals
  • Marie Spinosa, vocals/back-up vocals
  • Amy Helm, back-up vocals
  • Garth Hudson, horns, accordion.
  • Richard Bell, organ
  • Tom "Bones" Malone, horns
  • Jim Weider, slide guitar
Levon Helm & The Crowmatix - Souvenir - 1997 - Woodstock Records Collector Edition

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