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With the Rock of Ages Horns

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In August, 2004, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival held in Bethel, NY, the New York State Museum hosted an exhibit called Spirit of the Woodstock Generation. The centerpiece of the exhibit was the photography of Elliott Landy . The Museum broadened the outreach of the exhibit by hosting a series of programs, lectures and concerts.

The CD The Spirit of Woodstock was recorded live at the Kenneth B. Clark Auditorium at the New York State Museum as part of the exhibition and concert series. The museum presented Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix with Tom "Bones" Malone & The Rock of Ages Horns performing the music of The Band, Bob Dylan and others.

For more information and purchase, see the Woodstock Records web site.


1. Introduction
2. Ophelia[RealAudio]
3. Blind Willie Mctell [RealAudio]
4. Life Is a Carnival [RealAudio]
5. It Makes No Difference [MPEG-3] (6.6 MB)
6. Century of the Blues
7. The Night They Drove
Old Dixie Down
8. Don't Wait [RealAudio]
9. Atlantic City [RealAudio]
10. Twilight [RealAudio]
11. Next Time You See Me
12. Long Black Veil [RealAudio]
13. Mr. Luck
14. Forever Young
15. Shape I'm In [RealAudio]
16. Musician's Credits


  • Bobbie Van Detta : lead & rhythm guitar, bkg. vocals
  • Prof."Louie": vocals, bkg. vocals, Hammond organ, piano, accordion
  • Gary Burke : drums
  • Frank Campbell : bass, bkg. vocals
  • Miss Marie : vocals, bkg. vocals, percussion, orchestra bells; piano

  • Tom "Bones" Malone : horn arrangements
  • John Allmark : trumpet
  • Dino Govoni : tenor saxophone
  • Larry Packer : Violin
  • Josh Colow : Additional Guitar

Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix - The Spirit of Woodstock - 2005 - Woodstock Records 0020

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