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Jackie Lomax: Three

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A former vocalist with the 60s beat group the Undertakers, Lomax (b. 10 May 1944, Wallasey, Merseyside, England) began a new career in America when this respected Liverpool unit disbanded. Spells with two short-lived bands, the Mersey Lads and the Lost Souls, preceded a return to England where the singer worked with his own group, the Lomax Alliance, and as a solo act. Two strong, but unsuccessful, singles followed before he was signed to the fledgling Apple Records but his opening release, 'Sour Milk Sea', written for him by George Harrison, was unfortunately overshadowed by hits for stablemates the Beatles and Mary Hopkin. Lomax's debut, Is This What You Want, featured contributions from a host of star names including Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton. The artist's stylish compositions and superb voice were equal to such esteemed company. Sadly, Apple's internal problems doomed his undoubted potential and following an interlude as part of the elusive Heavy Jelly, Lomax returned to America where he completed two more excellent albums, Home Is In My Head and Three. In 1973, the singer joined the British-based Badger, a group formed by ex- Yes organist, Tony Kaye. Lomax helped transform them from a progressive rock band into a more soulful aggregation, exemplified on White Lady, which was produced by Allen Toussaint and consisted solely of Lomax's songs. Badger then split into two factions, with Lomax and bassist Kim Gardner instigating an offshoot unit named after the album. Lomax subsequently resumed his solo career, but the releases that followed were disappointing and the bad luck which had often dogged this worthwhile performer further undermined his career. Lomax did resurface in 1990 as one of several acts contributing to the 'tribute' album True Voices, wherein he sang a version of Tim Buckley's 'Devil Eyes'.

Three is yet another early '70s album from Albert Grossman's Bearsville studio with guest appearances by Band members. Rick Danko and Levon Helm play on track 3, "Hellfire, Night-Crier."


  1. No Reason (Jackie Lomax/Bryn Haworth)
  2. Time Will Tell You (Jackie Lomax)
  3. Hellfire, Night-Crier (Jackie Lomax) MPEG-3 file (4.4 MB)
  4. Lost (John Simon)
  5. Roll On (Jackie Lomax)
  6. Lavender Dream (Jackie Lomax)
  7. Let The Play Begin (Jackie Lomax)
  8. Fever's Got Me Burnin' (Jackie Lomax/Bugs Pemberton)
  9. Last Time Home (Jackie Lomax)
  10. Rock Salt (Jackie Lomax)
  11. (You've Got To) Do It All Yourself (Jackie Lomax)


  • Jackie Lomax:  Vocals, Guitar, Bass
  • John Simon: Producer, Drums, Piano, Keybords
  • Rick Danko: Bass
  • Levon Helm: Drums
  • John Hall: Guitar, Steel Guitar
  • Billy Rich: Bass
  • Billy Mundi: Tambourine
  • N.D. Smart: Drums
  • Bernard Purdy: Drums
  • Trever Lawrence: Tenor Sax, Alto Flute
  • Marty Grebb: Organ
  • Bryn Haworth: Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Electric 12 String
  • Israel Zacuto: Guitar
  • Howard Johnson: Tuba, Baritone Sax
  • Marvin Stamm: Trumpet
  • Bruce Rowland: Drums
  • Earl Mcintyre: Bass Trombone
  • Jerry Dodgion: Tenor Sax, Alto Flute
  • J. D. Parent: Tenor Sax, Alto Flute, Clarinet
  • Cecil Bridgewater: Trumpet
  • Maeretha A. Stewart: Back Vocals
  • Hilda Harris: Back Vocals
  • Toni Wine: Back Vocals
  • M. Frog (Jean-Yves) Labat: Assistance in the use of Synthi-A

Jackie Lomax - Three - 1972 - Bearsville BS 2591
Compact Disc: WEA International 8467, 2005

AMG Rating: Good

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