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[cover art]

This San Francisco group had both jazz-rock and funk influences, as well as pop. Lydia Pense was their lead vocalist; its original lineup had pianist Raul Matute, bassist Rod Ellicott, and saxophonist Danny Hull, with trumpeter Max Haskett and guitarist Michael Sasaki being other long-term members. They had their most successful LP in 1969, Cold Blood. During the '70s, although they never had any smash hits, they proved a popular attraction on college campuses and would also do covers of such R&B and soul tunes as "You Got Me Hummin," Donny Hathaway's "Valdez in the Country," and "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life." The Pointer Sisters and saxophonist Bennie Maupin are among African-American artists who did guest stints on Cold Blood LPs through 1976.
-- Ron Wynn, All-Music Guide

Cold Blood covers the Manuel/Robertson song "Sleeping" on Thriller from 1971.


  1. Baby I Love You
  2. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
  3. Feel So Bad
  4. Sleeping (Manuel/Robertson)
  5. Live Your Dream
  6. I'll Be Long Gone
  7. Kissing My Love


  • Lydia Pense - Vocals
  • The Pointer Sisters - Background Vocals
  • Mel Martin - Saxophone
  • Bennie Maupin - Wind
  • Peter Welker - Trumpet
  • Michael Andreas - Saxophone
  • Bill Atwood - Flute, Trumpet
  • Gaylord Birch - Drums
  • Paul Cannon - Guitar
  • Rod Ellicott - Bass
  • Bob Ferreira - Wind
  • Larry Fields - Guitar
  • Max Haskett - Trumpet, Vocals
  • Raul Matute - Keyboards
  • Skip Mesquite - Vocals, Wind
  • John Newborn - Horn
  • Pat O'Hara - Trombone
  • Rigby Powell - Trumpet
  • Michael Sasaki - Guitar
  • Holly Tigard - Vocals
Cold Blood - Thriller - 1973 - Warner Reprise MS2130

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