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Rick Danko opened a new world for me. He enlarged my self-confidence and confirmed that I was good enough both as a singer and a guitarist. It was fantastic to work with a musician that is one of my heroes. I have to admit that I pinched myself in the arm at times, when I was standing up there singing harmony with Rick.
--Jonas Fjeld, August 2001

Jonas Fjeld, 2001
Jonas Fjeld's 2001 solo album Tidevann contains mostly new Norwegian songs, with music by Jonas Fjeld and lyrics by his long-time partner Ole Paus and others. The song "Rick" (Fjeld/ Paus) is a tribute to the late Rick Danko, with guest appearances by Garth Hudson on accordion and Eric Andersen on guitar. It is followed by "Frozen North", a song written for what should have been the third Danko/ Fjeld/ Andersen album.


  1. Gatas Original (Fjeld/ Svingen)
  2. Hendene Synger Det Hjertene Ser (Fjeld/ Paus)
  3. Siste Tur (Fjeld/ Nesbø)
  4. Feit Tirsdag (Fjeld/ Paus)
  5. Herover Engler (Fjeld/ Paus)
  6. Sangen (Fjeld, Paus)
  7. Våren Kom Seint I År (Fjeld/ Paus)
  8. Soningsudyktig (Fjeld/ Paus)
  9. Sigve (Fjeld/ Paus)
  10. Rick (Fjeld/ Paus)
  11. Frozen North (Fjeld/ Moffat)
  12. Nattsang (Fjeld)


  • Jonas Fjeld, lead vocals/ backing vocals/ guitars/ keyboards/ mouth haro/ bass
  • Per Hillestad, drums/ percussion
  • Per Mathisen, bass
  • Geir Sundstøl, guitars
  • Knut Reiersud, harmonica/ guitars
  • Mikhael Wiehe, vocals
  • Sinikka Langeland, kantele
  • Tone Hulbækmo, harp
  • Nils Mathiesen, violin/ bratsj/ backing vocals/ piano
  • Trygve Seim, sax
  • Johan Egdetveit, accordion
  • Hilde Heltberg, backing vocals
  • Garth Hudson, accordion
  • Eric Andersen, guitar
  • Finn Tore Tokle, bass

Jonas Fjeld - Tidevann - 2001 - BMG Norway - 74321877972

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