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Levon Helm: The Ties That Bind

The Best of ... 1975-1996

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"... the best work on this compilation is the material from Levon's solo albums. These little-known tracks find our Arkansas son in fine vocal fettle, on a selection of blues and R&B numbers that aptly showcase his talents; many of them have New Orleans-style horn sections that blend admirably with the vocals and set the feet joyfully tapping ... Helm clearly revels in this kind of material, and proves himself the equal of such classic R & B performers as Lee Dorsey or James Booker."
-- from Chris Rollason's review of The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind is an Australian Levon Helm compilation on Raven Records, released in February 1999. Raven has been operating for more than 20 years and is essentially an Australian equivalent of Rhino Records.

The CD includes recordings with The Band, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and John Martyn, as well as tracks from Levon's solo albums. The live "Don't Ya Tell Henry" is the Watkins Glen version. "The Weight" is credited in the booklet to 'Levon Helm with Ringo Starr's All Star Band.' The first pressing of the CD instead included the version with The Band and the Staple Singers from The Last Waltz. The CD was then withdrawn and reissued with the correct Ringo Starr All Star Band version.

The album is named after track two on Levon's first album from 1977.


1. Milk Cow Boogie MPEG3-file (94K)
2. The Weight MPEG3-file (94K)
3. Atlantic City MPEG3-file (94K)
4. The Tie That Binds MPEG3-file (94K)
5. You Got Me MPEG3-file (94K)
6. Even A Fool Would Let Go MPEG3-file (94K)
7. Willie & The Hand Jive MPEG3-file (94K
8. Lucrecia MPEG3-file (94K)
9. Caves Of Jericho MPEG3-files (94K)
10. Don't Ya Tell Henry (live) MPEG3-file (94K)
11. Take Me To The River MPEG3-file (94K)
12. Livin' In A Dream MPEG3-file (94K)
13. Rock Salt & Nails MPEG3-file (94K)
14. Play Something Sweet (Junkyard Blues) MPEG3-file (94K)
15. Stand Up MPEG3-file (94K)
16. Standing On The Mountain Top MPEG3-file (94K)
17. When I Get My Rewards MPEG3-file (94K)
18. Hurricane MPEG3-file (94K)
19. Watermelon Time In Georgia MPEG3-file (94K)

Levon Helm - The Ties That Bind - 1999 - Raven Records RVCD-87

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