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Michelle Shocked: To Heaven U Ride

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Live CD from Texan singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked, with a cover of The Band's "The Weight." Recorded June 22nd 2003 at the Bluegrass Festival in Telluride, Colorado, released in September 2007 on the Mighty Sound label.

I bought this Michelle Shocked live release without noticing that The Weight was on it. Michelle Shocked introduces the number by asking the audience to sing along and explains that though the words are usually "Take a load off Fanny", they're going to sing "Take A Load Off Annie" as Sister Annie is part of the group.

The album is solid gospel, including raps with names of pastors and addresses of churches, and largely consists of covers/ standards.

The version of The Weight stands among the best ever covers, taking it, as The Staples did, in gospel style. It sits on the foundation of a rock solid bass player and drummer, which relates it to the Band original. As well as working with Levon Helm on Secret to A Long Life from Arkansas Traveller, Shocked opened for the 90s Band in what is said to have been an acrimonious tour. Whatever, she learned how to phrase and sing The Weight extremely well.

--Peter Viney


  1. Introductions
  2. Strange Things Happening
  3. The Weight MPEG file (8.7MB)
  4. Quality of Mercy
  5. God Bless the Child
  6. Good News
  7. Cancer Alley Rap
  8. Wade in the Water
  9. Uncloudy Day
  10. Study War No More
  11. Blessed
  12. Psalm
  13. Answered Prayer Rap
  14. Can't Take My Joy


  • Michelle Shocked - guitar, vocal
  • Sean Dancy - keyboard, vocals
  • Annie Dancy - backing vocals
  • Catherine Dancy - backing vocals
  • Christine Sims - backing vocals
  • Christopher Harvest- backing vocals
  • Nick Forster- pedal steel
  • Bill Hampton - guitar
  • Jamie Brewer - bass
  • Billy Johnson - drums

Michelle Shocked - To Heaven U Ride - 2007 - Mighty Sound MS10

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