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To Kingdom Come

(3 LPs)

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If (and only if) you have it in your budget for just one Band set, To Kingdom Come (The Definitive Collection) provides a good collection of their best songs, presented in remastered form. Even though the sequencing is chronological, experiencing these songs out of the context of their original albums may be disconcerting for some. In other words, the best way to hear this great group is to start with their first two albums, then move on to Rock of Ages, and so on. Nevertheless, this is an exceptionally solid overview.
-- Rick Clark, All-Music Guide


1. Back To Memphis MPEG-2 file (122K)
2. Tears of Rage AU file (285K)
3. To Kingdom Come AU file (188K)
4. Long Black Veil
5. Chest Fever MPEG-2 file (122K)
6. The Weight AU file (287K) MPEG-2 file (123K)
7. I Shall Be Released AU file (234K) MPEG-2 file (123K)
8. Up On Cripple Creek AU file (242K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
9. Lovin You Is Sweeter Than Ever
10. Rag Mama Rag AU file (246K)
11. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down AU file (210K)
12. Unfaithful Servant
13. King Harvest [Has Surely Come] AU file (145K)
14. The Shape I'm In AU file (319K)
15. W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
16. Daniel & The Sacred Harp
17. Stage Fright AU file (222K)
18. Don't Do It AU file (245K)
19. Life Is a Carnival AU file (282K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
20. When I Paint My Masterpiece AU file (229K)
21. 4% Pantomime AU file (229K)
22. The River Hymn
23. Mystery Train AU file (2.7MB)
24. Endless Highway AU file (245K)
25. Get Up, Jake MPEG-3 file (1.1MB)
26. It Makes No Difference AU file (285K) MPEG-2 file (120K)
27. Ophelia AU file (166K) MPEG-2 file (121K)
28. Acadian Driftwood AU file (206K) MPEG-2 file (122K)
29. Christmas Must Be Tonight
30. The Saga of Pepote Rouge AU file (2.0MB)
31. Knockin' Lost John AU file (136K)

To Kingdom Come - The Band - 1989 - (131:57) - Capitol EN 5010
Triple album in single sleeve with notes by Rob Bowman
Compact Disc: Capitol 4C2-92169 (1989, 2 CDs)

AMG Rating: 8 (out of 9)

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