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Gene Clark's Under the Silvery Moon was finally released in September 2003. The compilation contains 29 unreleased tracks on 2 CDs by this founding member of the Byrds, recorded in the '80s and featuring Nicky Hopkins and Rick Danko (from sessions in 1985) among others. Here are 13 unreleased songs, two unissued covers and 14 updates of earlier songs, plus a deluxe booklet with notes by Clark collaborator Pat Robinson.


Disc 1

  1. Mary Sue (Gene Clark, Pat Robinson and John York)
  2. Carry on (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  3. Don't you know (Unknown)
  4. You just love cocaine (John York)
  5. Dancing on the moon (Gene Clark, Pat Robinson and Marinell)
  6. Nothing but an angel (Gene Clark, Pat Robinson and Arrias)
  7. More than that now (Gene Clark, Pat Robinson and Arrias)
  8. Liona (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  9. Washington Square (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  10. My Marie (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  11. With you I can't lose (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  12. Fair and tender ladies (Traditional arr. Gene Clark)
  13. Sleep will return (Gene Clark, Pat Robinson and John York)
  14. Immigrant girl (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  15. Dangerous games (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)

Disc 2

  1. Rest of your life (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  2. You better move on (Alexander)
  3. Deportee (Woody Guthrie and Martin Hoffman)
  4. Almost Saturday night (John Fogerty)
  5. When jokers are wild (Holler and Pat Robinson)
  6. The panther (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  7. Gypsy rider (Gene Clark)
  8. Del gato (Gene Clark and Rick Clark)
  9. You better move on - version 2 (Alexander)
  10. The hurting game (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  11. That part of you (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  12. Dragon's eye (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  13. Can't say no (Gene Clark and Pat Robinson)
  14. Will you still love me tomorrow? (Gerry Goffin and Carole King)

Gene Clark - Under a Silvery Moon - 2003 - Delta Deluxe 4723839

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