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Bobby Jameson
Pianoman, harp player and singer Bobby Jameson, who recorded some of Franks Zappa's early material in the beginning of the '60s, included a cover of "The Weight" on his second solo album Working! from 1969.

Born Robert Parker James in Tucson, Arizona, he recorded a few 45s for Verve that did well on Radio stations in Cleveland, OH and Detroit, MI, in the early '60s, then went to the UK and recorded with, among others, the Rolling Stones in 1965. His first solo album, Color Him In was released by Verve in 1967. He also recorded an album titled Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest that was released under the pseudonym Chris Lucey in the U.S., and under his "real" name in the U.K., with the title changed to Too Many Mornings.


  1. Palo Alto (Jameson,R. P.)
  2. Norwegian Wood (Lennon,John/McCartney,Paul)
  3. I'll Be Your Baby (Dylan,Bob)
  4. The Weight (Robertson,Robbie)
  5. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Dylan,Bob)
  6. Gentle on My Mind (Hartford,John)
  7. Broken Windows (Jameson,R. P.)
  8. Singing the Blues (Endsley,M.)
  9. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Reed,Jimmy)
  10. Bout Being Young (Jameson,R. P.)


  • Ray Kelley, strings
  • James Burton, dobro
  • Mike Deasy, guitar
  • Red Rhodes, steel guitar
  • Bobby Jameson, piano
  • Israel Baker, strings
  • Ben Benay, guitar/harmonica/arranger
  • Fred Borkgren, engineer
  • Bobby Bruce, strings
  • Roy Catron, horn
  • Steve Clark, producer
  • Harold Dickrow, strings
  • Jesse Ehrlich, strings
  • Sid Feller, arranger
  • Toxey French, drums
  • Nathan Gershman, strings
  • Jerry Grant
  • Michael Henderson, arranger
  • Jim Horn
  • Richard Hyde
  • Armand Kaproff, strings
  • Bill Krudsch, strings
  • Leonard Malarsky, strings
  • Ollie Mitchell, horn
  • Jerry Scheff, bass
  • Sid Sharp, strings
  • Tibor Zelig, strings
Bobby Jameson - Working! - 1969 - GRT 10004

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