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The Band: Live at the Academy of Music 1971

Levon Helm: Ramble at the Ryman

The Band: Three of a Kind

Robbie Robertson: How to Become Clairvoyant

Garth Hudson Presents a Canadian Celebration of The Band

Levon Helm: Electric Dirt

Garth and Maud Hudson: Live at the Wolf


Dirt Farmer

Elliot Landy's Woodstock Vision

Elliott Landy: Woodstock Vision - The Spirit of a Generation

Book/CD-ROM with original music by Garth Hudson.

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Elliott Landy's Woodstock Vision - The Spirit of a Generation is an interactive CD-ROM gallery featuring more than 500 photos of classic rock musicians from the '60s by official Woodstock photographer, Elliott Landy, with original music by The Band's Garth Hudson ("Groove on randomly played psychedelized images") which accompanies Elliot Landy's pictures, including the classic Band photos. There is also a complete audio track of "Ramble Jungle" by The Band and create-your-own-slide show effects. For more about this CD-ROM, see Elliott Landy's web pages.

Elliott Landy has also released a book titled Woodstock Vision - The Spirit Of A Generation (LandyVision, New York 1994, 128 pages, 9.5x11 in., color, B/W) with top quality reproductions of Elliott Landy's best photos from the sixties era together with his text describing what it was like to be part of that era and meet the people he met. The book has a good number of Band photos in it, some of these can also be found in Landy's book Woodstock Dream.

The Woodstock Vision CD-ROM can be ordered by e-mail from Elliott Landy's Landyvision. The price is $25. The Woodstock Vision book can be ordered directly from Elliott Landy, for $20 plus postage. The price for the Woodstock Vision book and CD together is $35. All prices are plus priority mail postage in USA of $3.

Another source of photos from Woodstock is the book Woodstock 69, The First Festival,edited and produced by Elliott Landy (Squarebooks, 1994. 156 pages, color, B/W, $24.95 soft, $39.95 hard.)

Elliott Landy: Woodstock Vision - The Spirit Of A Generation - 1997 - LandyVision LV-1
Book: Elliott Landy: Woodstock Vision - The Spirit Of A Generation, LandyVision, New York 1994, 128 pages, color, B/W.

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