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The Band: Live at the Academy of Music 1971

Levon Helm: Ramble at the Ryman

The Band: Three of a Kind

Robbie Robertson: How to Become Clairvoyant

Garth Hudson Presents a Canadian Celebration of The Band

Levon Helm: Electric Dirt

Garth and Maud Hudson: Live at the Wolf


Dirt Farmer

Elliot Landy's Woodstock Vision

The Band live, 1983-1986

List of all shows by The Band and its members from '83 through Richard's passing in '86. Compiled by Timothy Wood.

1/6/1983 Danko/Helm Ritz NY NY
1/11/1983 Danko/Helm Lone star Cafe New York NY
1/12/1983 Danko Joyous Lake Woodstock NY
1/23/1983 Danko/Helm Starry Night Club, Portland, OR
1/29/1983 Danko/Helm Eugene Or
1/31/1983 Danko/Helm Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
2/16/1983 Danko/Helm Lone star Cafe NY NY
2/17/1983 Danko/Helm Lone star Cafe NY NY
2/20/1983 Danko/Helm The Paradise Boston MA
3/1/1983 Danko/Helm Toronto, ONT El Mocambo Tavern
3/2/1983 Danko/Helm London Ontorio
3/3/1983 Danko/Helm Fryfogles London Ontorio
3/4/1983 Danko/Helm University of Chicago Chicago IL
3/11/1983 Danko/Helm Folk City New York NY
3/25/1983 Danko/Helm Golum Coffee house Montreal Canada
3/25/1983 Danko/Helm Keystone Berkeley CA
4/3/1983 Danko/Helm Toronto, Ontario BB McGoons
4/15/1983 Danko W Roger McGuinn SUNY A.B. Clark Gym, Univ. of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, Buffalo Folk Festival
5/1/1983 Danko/Helm unknown
5/6/1983 Danko/Manuel/Butterfield/Chaplin Philadephia PA
6/4/1983 Rick Danko The Chance Poughkeepsie NY
First known reunion show starts here
6/25/1983 The Band Joyous Lake Woodstock NY
7/1/1983 The Band Mandel Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
7/2/1983 The Band Place Des Arts Montreal Quebec Canada
7/3/1983 The Band Camp Fortune Ottawa Canada
7/4/1983 The Band Toronto, Ont CNE Bandshell
7/18/1983 The Band Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC
7/15/1983 The Band Montreal
7/21/1983 The Band San Jose, CA Saddle Rock
7/24/1983 The Band Grass Valley, CA Sierra Sun Music Festival
8/1/1983 The Band Washington, DC The Wax Museum
8/3/1983 Danko/Butterfield Kaukonen Pier 84 Ny NY
8/7/1983 Danko/Helm (with Manuel Hudson) Lone star Cafe NY NY Folk Festival
8/8/1984 Danko/Helm (with Manuel Hudson) Lone star Cafe NY NY Folk Festival
8/25/1983 The Band Tokyo, Japan
8/27/1983 The Band Japan Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
8/29/1983 The Band Japan Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
9/1/1983 The Band Tokyo, Japan
9/2/1983 The Band Tokyo, Japan
9/3/1983 The Band Tokyo Japan
10/12/1983 The Band Poughkeepsie NY The Chance
10/13/1983 The Band Poughkeepsie NY The Chance
10/14/1983 The Band Boston MA Orpheum Theatre
10/15/1983 The Band Agora West Hartford CT
10/16/1983 Danko/McGuinn Jonathan Swifts Cambridge MA
10/17/1983 The Band Washington, DC Wax Museum
10/18/1983 The Band Washington, DC Wax Museum
10/19/1983 The Band Chads Ford, PA Brandywine Club
10/21/1983 The Band Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ
10/22/1983 The Band Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY
10/28/1983 The Band NY Central, Central Train Terminal, Buffalo, NY
10/29/1983 The Band The Front Row Cleveland OH
11/2/1983 The Band Stanley Theater Pittsburgh PA
11/4/1983 The Band Auditorium Theater Chicago IL
11/12/1983 The Band Upton Theater Kansas City MO
11/15/1983 The Band University Of Virginia
11/17/1983 The Band Saenger Theater, New Orleans, LA
11/22/1983 The Band Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ
11/23/1983 The Band Upper Darby, PA Tower Theater
11/24/1983 The Band Poughkeepsie NY The Chance
11/25/1983 The Band New York, NY Beacon Theater
11/26/1983 The Band New York NY Beacon Theater
12/31/1983 Danko/Manue/Helm (w Hot Tuna) Beacon Theater NYC
1/11/1984 Levon & the RCO Allstars ROTC Hall UCONN Storrs Ct
2/1/1984 Danko/Manuel Lone Star Cafe New York City
Second Reunion Tour Begins
2/28/1984 The Band (minus Helm) Rodeo San Diego
3/4/1984 The Band Reseda, CA The Country Club
3/8/1984 The Band Silva Concert Hall Eugene OR
3/9/1984 The Band Seattle, WA Music Hall
3/11/1984 The Band Starry Night Club, Portland, OR
3/12/1984 The Band Starry Night Club, Portland, OR
3/15/1984 The Band Cherokee Music hall Lodi CA
3/18/1984 The Band Santa Cruz, CA Catalyst
4/12/1984 The Band Charles Colden Auditorium Queens NY
4/15/1984 The Band Amherst, NY Alumni Arena, Amherst Coll.
4/18/1984 The Band Puoghkeepsie, NY The Chance
4/19/1984 The Band Agora West Hartford Ct
4/21/1984 The Band Charles Colden Auditorium, Queens College, Flushing, NY
4/28/1984 The Band Hawkins Hall Auditorium SUNY Plattsburgh NY
4/30/1984 The Band Wax Museum Washington DC
5/2/1984 Danko/Cate Brothers Lone Star Cafe New York City
5/11/1984 The Band The Boathouse, Norfolk, VA
5/12/1984 The Band PB Scotts Music Hall Charlotte NC
5/18/1984 The Band Carefree Theater West Palm Beach Florida
5/19/1984 The Band Summers on the Beach Ft Lauderdale Fl
5/20/1984 The Band Downtown Festival Tent Rochester NY
5/23/1984 The Band SUNY Oswego
5/27/1984 The Band Liverpool NY Long Branch Park
6/8/1984 Danko Birchmere Club, Alexandria, VA
6/9/1984 The Band Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ
6/15/1984 Danko/Manuel Greater Hartford Comm College
6/21/1984 The Band Kingswood Music Theater, Toronto, ON
7/17/1984 Danko (Robert Hunter, Max Creek) Hampton Beach Casino NH
7/28/1984 The Band Philadelphia, PA Mann Music Center
7/29/1984 The Band Mt Watatic Ashby MA
8/10/1984 Danko/Helm Agora West Hartford
8/22/1984 The Band West Caldwell, NJ Caldwell College
8/23/1984 The Band Rochester, NY Rochester Music Fest
8/25/1984 The Band Yorkshire, England Nostell Priority
8/27/1984 The Band Houston, TX The Summit
8/31/1984 The Band Fayetteville, Ark
9/5/1984 Danko/Helm Lone Star Cafe New York City
9/7/1984 The Band The Battle is Over I, VT Flynn's, Burlington, VT
9/8/1984 The Band Foxboro, MA
10/28/1984 Danko/Manuel/Butterfield/CSN Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY
11/1/1984 Danko Helm Lone Star Cafe New York City
12/9/1984 Danko Gentry Washington DC
Year begins with Danko Manuel Hudson tours, Levon believed to be filming movie
1/2/1985 Danko/Manuel/Hudson w Jorma Lone Star Cafe New York City
1/3/1985 Danko/Manuel/Hudson Lone Star Cafe New York City
1/6/1985 Danko/Manuel/Hudson Lone Star Cafe New York City
1/10/1985 Danko/Hudson/Manuel USA Sams Syracuse NY
1/28/1985 Danko/Manuel New York, NY Lone Star Cafe
1/29/1985 Levon & Woodstock Allstars Lone Star Cafe New York City
2/9/1985 Danko Folk City New York New York
2/10/1985 Manuel Tears are not Enough recording
Byrds Tribute Tour, First with Danko, then later with Danko Manuel
2/13/1985 Byrds (Danko) Lone Star Cafe New York City
2/15/1985 Byrds (Danko) Municipal Auditorium Burlington VT
2/17/1985 Byrds (danko) The Channel Boston MA
2/19/1985 Byrds (Danko) Boathouse Norfolk VA
2/20/1985 Byrds (Danko) Club Saba Washington DC
2/21/1985 Byrds (Danko) Live in Detroit, Harpo's, Detroit, MI 2-21-85 1 cd
2/23/1985 Levon Helm Getaway Club Saugerties NY
3/1/1985 Danko/Helm/Manuel Passaic, NJ Capital Theater
3/22/1985 Danko/Manuel Horseman Saloon, Mt. Temper, NY
3/31/1985 Danko/Manuel/Hudson New York, NY Lone Star Cafe
4/3/1985 Danko/Hudson/Manuel Club Saba Washington DC
4/4/1985 Danko/Hudson/Manuel Mean Mr. Mustards, Reading PA
4/12/1985 Byrds (Danko) Rainbow Music Hall Denver Colorado
4/20/1985 Byrds (Danko) The Stone San Francisco
4/30/1985 Byrds (Danko/Manuel) Austin Tex Steamboat
5/3/1985 Byrds The Bowery, Oklahoma OK
5/7/1985 The Band Indianapolis IN
5/15/1985 Byrds (Danko/Manuel) Three T's Chicago, IL
5/16/1985 Byrds (Danko/Manuel) Evansville IN
5/22/1985 Byrds (Danko/Manuel) Peabodys Cleveland OH
5/26/1985 Byrds (Danko/Manuel) Woodbury Ski and Raquet Woodbury CT
6/3/1985 Danko Manuel Lone Star Cafe NY NY
6/6/1985 Byrds (Danko/Manuel) Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia,
6/14/1985 Danko/Manuel/Butterfield Folk City New York NY
6/23/1985 Byrds (Danko/Manuel) Hamilton Mall, Allentown, PA
7/14/1985 The Band Houston, TX Southern Star Amp
7/17/1985 Danko/Helm/Butterfield Getaway Inn West Saugerties
Jimmy Weider joins the Band, Cates out, not sure of lineup in May or July shows.
7/19/1985 The Band (open for CSN)
7/26/1985 The Band (open for CSN) E. Troy, WI Alpine Valley
8/1/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Cuyahoga Falls OH Blossum music center
8/6/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Merriweather Post Pavillion
8/9/1985 The Band (open for CSN Philadelphia PA Mann Music Center
8/10/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Philadelphia, PA Mann Music Center
8/12/1985 The Band (open for CSN) The Pier NYC
8/13/1985 The Band (open for CSN) The Pier NYC
8/15/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Jones Beach Wantaug NY
8/17/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Hartford Civic Center
8/19/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Garden State Art Center
8/22/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Colt State Park Bristol Rhode Island
8/25/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Lewiston, ME Lewiston Raceway
8/27/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Syracuse, NY NY State Fair
8/28/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Saratoga Springs, NY SPAC
8/30/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Holmdel, NJ Garden State Perf Arts Ctr
8/31/1985 The Band (open for CSN) Allentown PA Allentown Fair

Woodstock Demo Sessions Exact Date Unknown, Believed to be Bearsville Studio.
9/00/85 The Band Hospital Audiences Inc at Studio 54 (Date unknow)
9/6-7-8/1985 The Band Lisbon Portugal Avante Festival (Not sure of date)
Northeast Fall tour of theaters
9/28/1985 The Band New Haven Palace New Haven CT
10/2/1985 The Band Bushnell Auditorium Hartford CT
10/??/85 The Band Key Largo Long Island Ny
10/5/1985 The Band Capital Theater Concord NH
10/12/1985 Manuel Getaway Inn West Saugerties
10/25/1985 The Band The Channel Club Boston MA
10/26/1985 The Band Lupos Heartbreak Hotel Providence
10/29/1985 The Band Diamond Club Toronto (with Colin Linden) from carol coffin article.
11/2/1985 The Band
12/1/1985 Danko/Manuel O'Toole's Tavern Scranton PA
12/7/1985 Manuel (with Danko Wieder) Getaway Inn West Saugerties
12/19/1985 Danko/Manuel Jonathon Swifts Cambridge MA
12/22/1985 Danko/Manuel Lone Star Cafe
12/23/1985 Danko/Manuel Lone Star Cafe
1/19/1986 Danko/Manuel Lone Star Cafe New York City
1/20/1986 The Band Fast and Cool Club Dallas TX (date suspect given show day before in NYC
1/21/1986 The Band Grafitti (from the band website guestbook)
1/30/1986 Danko Manuel Lone Star Cafe
2/6/1986 The Band Lone Star Cafe New York City
2/7/1986 The Band Lone Star CafeNew York City
2/8/1986 The Band Lone Star Cafe New York City
2/14/1986 The Band Tower Theatre Upper Darby PA
2/16/1986 The Band Jb's Tavern Albany NY
2/17/1986 The Band Burlington, VT Hunt's
2/21/1986 The Band Worcester MA E. M. Lowes
2/22/1986 The Band Cleveland Heights, OH The Front Row
2/25/1986 The Band Hillsborough, NC The Barn
2/26/1986 The Band Atlanta, GA Centre Stage
2/28/1986 The Band Carefree Theater West Palm Beach Florida
3/1/1986 The Band Summers on the Beach Ft Lauderdale
3/2/1986 The Band Springfest Hialehah Racetrack Miami Fl
3/3/1986 The Band Cheek To Cheek Lounge Villa Nova Resturaunt Winter Park Florida

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