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Fear of Falling

Written by Robbie Robertson.
Album: How to Become Clairvoyant
The lyrics are copyrighted. Please do not copy or redistribute.

I wonder where it all began
Was it in a place or in the heart
Was it outside in the pouring rain
In the darkness where the dreaming starts

If I end up begging like a dog
Does it make me any less than you
Should I stand here and be judged
When we already know the truth

There was a time when I was lost
Couldn't see the woods for the trees
How could I know how much it costs
Til I was on my knees

Fear of falling
Fear of falling
Fear of falling
Down in love again

Why don't we take it from the bottom
See what rises to the top
Sometimes you have to cut the cards
Just to find out what you got

She has a certain kind of thing
It's called the mystery of desire
Keeps pulling on my heartstring
I'm like a man on a wire

What does it mean to want so much
The way that I'm wanting you
Am I just setting myself up
To play the fool

Fear of falling
Fear of falling
Fear of falling
Down in love again

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