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Gimme A Stone

From the various-artists album Largo, performed by Levon Helm and David Forman. The lyrics are copyrighted. Please do not copy or redistribute.

Transcribed by Søren Johansen.

Intro: 	D A/c#  Bm G D G Em A 
        D A/c#  Bm G D G A D 

G D A Bm G D Asus A 
G D A Bm G D A D       (play twice)

G            D        A         Bm
They come to me and they start to cry
G               D          Asus     A
Say you gotta do something about that guy
G                 D            A        Bm
They say take this sword, I say thanks a lot
G          D                  A      D
But I do alright with this sling I got

G               D              A              Bm
Someone gimme a stone, gimme a stone, gimme a stone
G               D               Asus          A
Someone gimme a stone, gimme a stone
G               D
Stone that I can hold
A               Bm
Stone that I can throw
G              D               A       D
Someone gimme a stone, someone gimme a stone

Never had to fight such a real big man
Just gimme a stone and Iíll do what I can
See how he laughs when I put out his eye
And there heíll fall and there heíll die

Someone gimme a stone ...

G        D
Absalom, Absalom
A               Bm
Would I die for you my son
G                 D
I would have it all undone
Asus                A
The way it all came down

G               D
When I look at you my son
A                 Bm
I see myself when I was young
G               D
Saddest thing I ever done
A                 D
Was put you in the ground

Someone gimme a stone ...

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