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Sweet Peach Georgia Wine

Written by R. Reynolds.
Album: American Son
The lyrics are copyrighted. Please do not copy or redistribute.

I was on my way from Dalton, headed for Atlanta
Thinkin' about the girl that I left behind
When a voice so soft and tender, lookin' down at me from the window
"Would you like a taste of that sweet peach Georgia wine?"

Well she showed me through the backdoor, and she told what it was for
Said, "You can come back and see me any old time."
And just as I was goin', that old Sheriff bust the door in
He said, "Boy, you been in my sweet peach Georgia wine."

Now how's I supposed to know she was the Sheriff's daughter?
She was only sweet sixteen, but she looked a lot older
Well I guess I learned my lesson, son, you know I'm doin' now 10 to 21
Just for tastin' that sweet peach Georgia wine

If I ever get out of this jailhouse, I ain't never gonna slowdown
Until I reach that Georgia borderline
Well maybe one quick stop down in Macon,
'cause I'd hate to leave these parts and not takin'

One more taste of sweet peach Georgia wine

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