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Kitrick Short's

Homage to The Band

[About the Sculptures] [Prices and Ordering]

[Homage to The Band]

If my vision of God, truth, light and love could be translated into music, it would be The Band. -- Kitrick Short

Woodstock artist Kitrick Short is selling a limited edition of the sculptures in his "Homage to The Band" pictured above, signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity from the American Art Dealers Association. For ordering and prices, see below.

At Kitrick Short's own web pages you can see more of his paintings (high resolution prints available), sculptures and other artwork.

Here's Kitrick's own story about "Homage to The Band":

It was the summer of 1981 and I just replaced my complete set of The Band albums for about the 10th time. You see, I've painted and created almost all of my work in my sound studio solely listening to The Band- some 440 oil paintings, 30 etchings, and countless drawings and sculptures in metal and stone. I always focused on the sound perspective of The Band and my own artistic knowledge. It was like a religion to me. I would tell people about the spiritual connection I had with the band and my desire to meet them.

If my vision of god, truth, light and love could be translated into music - it would be The Band. Their positive creative sound has always guided my vision. Well, in 1981, I decided to create "Homage To The Band" and give each member a sculpture of themselves. In 1982, I finally connected with Levon Helm and Rick Danko while they were on an acoustic tour. They called the sculptures "The Northwest Grammies"

I was able to meet Richard Manuel and Garth Hudson when The Band reformed and went on their world tour. I had made Garth's sax player earlier, however since I hadn't met Richard, I didn't know what instrument he would like. He told me, "I'm Partial to the piano", so that's what I made for him. Unfortunately, Richard died before I could give it to him. I haven't met Robbie Robertson yet, however I hope to give him his guitar player some day.

In making these sculptures, I wanted to pay homage to great people who inspired my imagination and pointed me always in the right direction.

Prices and Ordering

A limited edition of maximum 1000 sets of sculptures will be available. All sculptures will be hand made from aluminum by Kitrick Short, with polished edges, signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity from the American Art Dealers Association.

The sculptures can be ordered individually or as a complete set. Prices for individual pieces are:

Rick Danko bass player$1300
Richard Manuel piano player$1300
Levon Helm mandolin player$1000
Garth Hudson sax player$1000
Robbie Robertson guitar player$1000

Orders should be sent to Kitrick Short at the address:

Kitrick Short, PO Box 496181, Port Charlotte, FL 33949

or by e-mail to

Payment is accepted in the form of checks in US dollars or credit cards. Make checks payable to Kitrick Short, PO Box 496181, Port Charlotte, FL 33949. For credit card orders, please contact Kitrick Short for details. Visa, Mastercard and American Express welcome.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping and handling if ordering one piece, 6-8 weeks for a set. Freight will be collected or pre-paid. The sculptures will be shipped in seperate crates.

Please direct all questions about these sculptures to Kitrick Short at the address

Prints of artwork

High resolution prints of Short's paintings are available for $25 each. They come matted for a frame 11X14 signed on back with a plastic reseable cover. Titles available include "Hear No Evil," "Full Moon Serenade," "Disco Queen" "That Old Time Religon", "Once In A Blue Moon," "How To Have Fun," and alot of others. Anyone also can request a print of another picture and I will produce it for them.

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