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The Janglers: Circuit Ride

The Janglers' Circuit Ride is one of the finest collections of original songs and stellar ensemble playing ever to come out of the Northeast Ohio rock scene. With these 13 songs, guitarist/vocalist Jason White has emerged as a songwriter who can hopscotch back and forth between musical styles as easily as he can put on a different shirt or a pair of pants. From the gospel rendering of "Way Out Over Yonder" to the pedal-to-the-metal roots rock of "Jelly Roll", White and the Janglers deliever the goods as well as any band on the national circuit. Lead guitarist, Jack Silverman, in particular, adds just the right six-string flourishes to numbers like "Colorblind" and "In My Heyday", when a less talented guitarist might have succumbed to cliches.

Although the energy of the Janglers live turns these songs into impovisational workouts, the structure of the recorded versions reveal White's thought-provoking lyrics and the versatility of the rest of the Janglers - drummer Will Douglas, keyboardist Eric Meany and bassist Sonny Miller. "Bedside Burnout (Fall Asleep)" for example, becomes a showcase for Silverman's ferocious soloing when performing live, and "Ties That Bind", which clocks in at over eight minutes on Circuit Ride, has an Allman Brothers feel to it, courtesy of Meany's deft keyboard work.

Circuit Ride delievers on the promise that the Janglers have been displaying at countless gigs over the years, and it's a recording of fresh, innovative music from a group of musicians who have certainly paid their dues. Signed or unsigned, the Janglers are a great band, and it's about time that Cleveland and the rest of the country knew about it.
-- Mark Holan, Scene Magazine, May 1992


  1. In My Heyday
  2. Easy Pickins
  3. Colorblind
  4. The Kind of Blues I Got
  5. Yesterday's News
  6. Way out over Yonder
  7. Jelly Roll
  8. Shuffle, Shuffle
  9. Pumpkin Pie
  10. Crab-Apple Tree
  11. Bedside Burnout (Fall Asleep)
  12. Ties That Bind
  13. You and Me (We Go Way Back)

Circuit Ride - The Janglers - 1992 - Janglers Discs & Tapes, JD001

CD $12.00 - Tape $4.00, send check or money order to:
MAIA RECORDS, P.O.Box 372, Wickliffe, OHIO 44092-0372

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