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News and Updates, 2017

    Photo © copyright Elliott Landy. All rights reserved.

  • 74 years ago, on December 29, 1943, Rick Danko was born. He is deeply missed. The music will live forever.







  • "The Band in Woodstock" -- lovely 5-minute documentary from film-maker David McDonald.

  • Some photos that popped up on Facebook recently:

  • Great news from our friend David Kraai:
    I have a new album out that I thought might be of interest to you and your readers:

    David Kraai: North Mountain Rambling
    (Fine Country Folk Recordings, 2017)

    This album was recorded in the basement of the legendary Big Pink. 2017 is fifty years since Bob Dylan & The Band recorded The Basement Tapes there and this will be the first album released which was recorded there since those historic sessions. Special guests on the album include Dylan alumni Rob Stoner (Rolling Thunder Revue, Desire, Hard Rain, Live at Budokan) and Eric Weissberg (Blood On The Tracks, "Dueling Banjos"). This is multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Kraai's fourth album of original songs which are a melting pot of country, folk and rock.

    It is available at all of the usual places: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc or from my website:

    People can also listen to this YouTube playlist.

    The centerfold of the booklet is an image of the basement from the recording sessions and here is a video for the first single which is made up of footage from the sessions at Big Pink.









  • [photo]
    It's Garth Hudson's 80th birthday today! We send our best wishes to Garth and Sister Maud Hudson.



  • Video from the University of Arkansas historical archives: The Band with the Cate Brothers, performing the song "A Story Everybody Knows" at The Rink in Fayetteville, AR, 1984.



  • And a belated but very Happy Birthday to our main man Peter Viney, who celebrated his 70th birthday this weekend. We lost count of his many contributions to this site years ago -- articles, album and gig reviews, discography details, cover art, photos... all top quality material. The Band web site has Peter Viney written all over it, and would never have achieved it's "mother of all fan sites"-status without him. Long may you run, Peter.




  • New photos found on Facebook recently:

  • From Rolling Stone: "Hear Robbie Robertson, Chris Shiflett Talk Bob Dylan, Americana -- guitarist and famed member of the Band visits 'Walking the Floor' podcast to discuss his remarkable career".

  • Robbie Robertson posted the following on Facebook, 05.23.2017:
    Muddy Waters at The Last Waltz

    There's been a misconception over the years that I should clearly straighten out.

    While we were inviting musical guests to join us for the Band's Last Waltz concert, Levon suggested Muddy Waters. We had always been big admirers of his music, and were unquestionably influenced by him. There was a period in the early 60's when Muddy's records rarely left the turntable. The only concern amongst the members of the Band was -- could we do justice and play his songs as well as we knew them from those amazing Chess recordings?

    Muddy originally came from the Mississippi Delta in an area just across the river from where Levon grew up. Levon's ties to the blues of his homeland were a strong bond and I completely understood his desire to have Muddy join us. Levon was totally confident in our ability to play with Muddy, so we completely embraced the idea.

    At our rehearsal before the concert, Muddy brought along his piano man Pinetop Perkins and guitarist Bob Margolin. We also invited Paul Butterfield, the master blues harp player, to join us.

    Muddy had been up to Levon's barn in Woodstock NY and recorded the old classic song, "Caledonia", so he suggested we do that one. I asked about Muddy's amazing "Mannish Boy" track, and Bob Margolin thought was a great choice, and gave us the lowdown on the arrangement.

    Playing with Muddy and these guys at the concert was definitely one of the highlights of the night for us.

    Someone claimed years later that there had been a dispute over whether Muddy's performance would be included in the Last Waltz movie. This is absolutely untrue. Then, to top it off, I heard that we'd contemplated replacing Muddy's performance in the film with Neil Diamond's. Ridiculously false. No one involved, not Marty, nor any of us, ever considered not including Muddy in the film. His performance in The Last Waltz is phenomenal and speaks for itself.

    I seriously needed to dispel these absurd claims.




Levon Helm, May 26, 1940 -- Apr 19, 2012
Five years gone
The music will live forever







  • More information about the upcoming all-star benefit concert for the Autism Think Tank in Glendale, CA, headlined by Garth and Sister Maud Hudson, where The Band's first two albums will be played in their entirety:
    "Wild Honey Foundation to salute The Band on March 25"
    Tickets start at $25 and are available here.

  • And here is the poster for the March 25 The Band tribute/benefit gig with Garth and Maud (click to enlarge);



  • 1992 TV beer commercial, with the legendary Levon Helm singing the praise of Bud Light :-)



  • We will of course contribute to the fundraiser for a Levon Helm memorial on his home turf in Arkansas. Check out this promo video (featuring Amy Helm, C.W. Gatlin and Anna Lee) to see why and how you can participate too.




Garth Hudson, one of two remaining original members of The Band, will be joining the 2017 Last Waltz 40 Tour for two special shows at The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY and MGM National Harbor in Washington, DC to celebrate the Band's 40th Anniversary of their historical farewell concert.

Hudson, the iconic multi-instrumentalist has been credited by his band members and brothers Robbie, Levon, Rick, and Richard for being the resident musical genius of The Band and helped create their unmistakable sound.

Details for the two engagements are below:

  • Thursday, February 2 in Albany, New York at The Palace Theatre

  • Saturday, February 4 in Oxon Hill (Washington, DC), Maryland at MGM National Harbor

Tickets can be purchased at:


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