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Lead vocals in Band Songs

The list below, created by Paolo Demaria, names the lead singer(s) in every Band song released on official Band albums. See also Hideki Watanabe's page Who Plays What Instruments on Band albums?.

Title                           Album                   Lead vocals by
4% Pantomime                    Cahoots                 Richard-Van Morrison
A Change is gonna Come          Moondog Matinee         Rick
Acadian Driftwood               Northern Lights...      Richard-Levon-Rick
Across The Great Divide         The Band                Richard
Ain't got no Home               Moondog Matinee         Levon
Ain't No More Cane              The Basement Tapes      The Band
Ain't that a lot of Love        Islands                 Levon
All La Glory                    Stage Fright            Levon
Amazon(River of Dreams)         Jericho                 Rick
Atlantic City                   Jericho                 Levon
Back to Memphis                 Across the Great Divide Levon
Back to Memphis                 High on the Hog         Levon-Rick
Bessie Smith                    The Basement Tapes      Rick-Robbie
Blind Willie Mc Tell            Jericho                 Rick-Levon
Blues stay away from Me         Jericho                 Rick-Levon
Book Faded Brown                Jubilation              Rick
Bound by Love                   Jubilation              Rick-John Hiatt
Caledonia Mission               Music from Big Pink     Rick 
Chest Fever                     Music from Big Pink     Richard
Christmas must be Tonight       Islands                 Rick
Country Boy                     Jericho                 Richard
Crazy Mama                      High on the Hog         Rick-Blondie Chaplin
Daniel and the Sacred Harp      Stage Fright            Levon-Richard
Don't Do It                     Rock Of Ages            Levon
Don't Wait                      Jubilation              Levon
Don't Ya tell Henry             The Basement Tapes      Levon
Endless Highway                 Before the Flood        Rick
Evangeline                      The Last Waltz          Rick-Levon-E.Harris
Forbidden Fruit                 Northern Lights...      Levon
Forever young                   High on the Hog         Rick-Levon-Randy C.
Free your mind                  High on the Hog         Levon
French Girls                    Jubilation              Instrumental
Georgia on my Mind              Islands                 Richard
Get Up, Jake                    Rock Of Ages            Rick
Hang up my R'n'R Shoes          Rock Of Ages            Levon&Rick
He Don't Love You               Across the Great Divide Richard
High Cotton                     Jubilation              Rick
Hobo Jungle                     Northern Lights...      Richard
Holy Cow                        Moondog Matinee         Rick
I Must Love You too Much        High on the Hog         Rick-Randy
I Shall Be Released             Music from Big Pink     Richard
If I Should Fail                Jubilation              Rick
I'm Ready                       Moondog Matinee         Levon
In a Station                    Music from Big Pink     Richard
Islands                         Islands                 Instrumental
It Makes no Difference          Northern Lights...      Rick
Jawbone                         The Band                Richard
Jemima Surrender                The Band                Levon
Jupiter Hollow                  Northern Lights...      Levon&Richard
Just another Whistle Stop       Stage Fright            Richard
Katie's Been Gone               The Basement Tapes      Richard
Kentucky Downpour               Jubilation              Levon
King Harvest (Has surely come)  The Band                Richard
Knockin' Lost John              Islands                 Robbie
Last of The Blacksmiths         Cahoots                 Richard
Last Train to Memphis           Jubilation              Levon
Let the Night Fall              Islands                 Richard
Life is a Carnival              Cahoots                 Rick&Levon
Livin' in a Dream               Islands                 Levon
Lonesome Suzie                  Music from Big Pink     Richard
Long Black Veil                 Music from Big Pink     Rick
Long Distance Operator          The Basement Tapes      Richard
Look out Cleveland              The Band                Rick
Loving You is Sweeter than Ever Across the Great Divide Rick
Move to Japan                   Jericho                 Levon
Mystery Train                   Moondog Matinee         Levon
Ophelia                         Northern Lights...      Levon
Orange Juice Blues              The Basement Tapes      Richard
Out of the Blue                 The Last Waltz          Robbie
Rag Mama Rag                    The Band                Levon
Rags and Bones                  Northern Lights...      Richard
Ramble Jungle                   High on the Hog         Champion Jack Dupree
Remedy                          Jericho                 Levon
Right as a Rain                 Islands                 Richard
Ring your Bell                  Northern Lights...      The Band
Rockin' Chair                   The Band                Richard
Ruben Remus                     The Basement Tapes      Richard
Same Thing                      Jericho                 Levon
Saved                           Moondog Matinee         Richard
Share your love with me         Moondog Matinee         Richard
She Knows                       Across the Great Divide Richard
She knows                       High on the Hog         Richard
Shine a Light                   Jericho                 Rick
Shoot out in Chinatown          Cahoots                 The Band
Sleeping                        Stage Fright            Richard
Slippin' and Slidin'            Across the Great Divide The Band
Smoke Signal                    Cahoots                 Levon
Spirit of the Dance             Jubilation              Rick-Randy Ciarlante
Stand up                        High on the Hog         Levon
Stage Fright                    Stage Fright            Rick
Strawberry Wine                 Stage Fright            Levon
Street Walker                   Islands                 Rick
Stuff you gotta watch           Jericho                 Levon
Tears of Rage                   Music from Big Pink     Richard
The Caves of Jericho            Jericho                 Levon
The Genetic Method              Rock Of Ages            Instrumental
The Great Pretender             Moondog Matinee         Richard
The High Price of Love          High on the Hog         Levon-Rick
The Last Waltz Refrain          The Last Waltz          Richard-Robbie
The Moon struck one             Cahoots                 Richard
The Night they drove Old Dixie  The Band                Levon
The Promised Land               Moondog Matinee         Levon
The River Hymn                  Cahoots                 Levon
The Rumor                       Stage Fright            The Band
The Saga of Pepote Rouge        Islands                 Rick
The Shape I'm in                Stage Fright            Richard
The Third Man Theme             Moondog Matinee         Instrumental
The Unfaithful Servant          The Band                Rick
The W.S. Wallcott Medicine Show Stage Fright            Levon-Rick
The Weight                      Music from Big Pink     Levon with Rick
The Well                        The Last Waltz          Richard
Theme from The Last Waltz       The Last Waltz          Instrumental
Thinkin' out loud               Cahoots                 Rick
This Wheels on Fire             Music from Big Pink     Rick
Time to Kill                    Stage Fright            The Band
To Kingdom Come                 Music from Big Pink     Robbie-Richard 
Too Soon Gone                   Jericho                 Rick
Too Wet to Work                 Across the Great Divide Instrumental
Twilight                        The Best of The Band    Rick
Up on Cripple Creek             The Band                Levon
Volcano                         Cahoots                 Rick
We can talk                     Music from Big Pink     Richard-Levon-Rick
When I paint my Masterpiece     Cahoots                 Levon
When You Awake                  The Band                Rick
Where do we go from here ?      Cahoots                 Rick
Where I should always be        High on the Hog         Rick
Whispering Pines                The Band                Richard
White Cadillac                  Jubilation              Randy Ciarlante
Yazoo Street Scandal            The Basement Tapes      Levon
You See Me                      Jubilation              Levon

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