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The Band Christmas Quiz 2006

The following was posted at The Band web site on December 9, 2006:

Wishing for a brand new copy of Levon Helm's great 2-disc CD/DVD set The Midnight Ramble Sessions Vol.2 for Christmas? Your wish may come true if you know the answer to the following question:
The singers here are obvious as is the song. When and where it was performed?

  • xmas_quiz_2006.mp3 (4.2MB)
  • [Details about how to answer the quiz deleted]

    We received over 100 quiz e-mails over the next three weeks, almost all of these had the correct answer:

    Bob Dylan and Rick Danko performing "This Wheel's On Fire" during a guest appearance with Dylan in Wallingford, CT, on August 18th, 1997*.
    A little C-program using random numbers, written by yours truly, was used to select one of the contestans with the correct answer. And the lucky winner of The Midnight Ramble Sessions Vol.2 is (drum roll):
    "S.P. Gulpass" from Japan!
    Thanks to all the contestants for participating, we'll be back next year with a new quiz and a new price! And a big thank-you to Jonathan Katz for sending us the MPEG-3 files for the quiz.

    *: The concert took place right after Rick had been sent back from Japan -- listen to Dylan's introduction of Ricky at the concert. As near as we can tell, Dylan says: "Thanks everybody. Ah, we have Rick Danko here, he's from the Band. And he's looking good, and he just got himself out of some... out of an arrested spirit. I think he's looking better than ever really. This is something we recorded a long while ago."

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