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The Band Christmas Quiz 2007

The following was posted at The Band web site in the beginning of December 2007:

Wishing for a rare (and unused) '90s The Band t-shirt for Christmas? Your wish may come true if you know the answer to the following question:
The singer here is obvious(?), but where is this track from, and what is it called?

  • xmas_quiz_2007.mp3

    Hints: This sound clip is from an official release where two members of The Band are credited for their contributions. One of the Band guys plays a 1959 model Lowrey Festival organ, the same instrument he used to play with the Hawks in the early '60s. The album was released in the new millenium...

  • [Details about how to answer the quiz deleted]

    We received over 90 quiz e-mails over the next three weeks, about 30 of these had the correct answer:

    The sound clip is the first of four "hidden" bonus tracks on Lucky Man Clark's 2002 album Seaworthy. The singer and piano player here is of course Garth Hudson. And the name of the track is... why don't we let the maestro himself tell us.
    A little C-program using random numbers, written by yours truly, was used to select one of the contestans with the correct answer. And the lucky winner of a '90s The Band t-shirt is (drum roll):
    Susan Slinger from Canada!
    Thanks to all the contestants for participating, we'll be back next year with a new quiz and a new price! And a big thank-you to Jonathan Katz for sending us the MPEG-3 files for the quiz.

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