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Terrance Simien: Across The Parish Line

[cover art]

Brilliant Zydeco pioneer who hails from Louisiana, Terrance Simien is one of the most sought after artists of American Roots/Indigenous music in the world. Constantly touring and highly respected artist who blends seamlessly indigenous zydeco music with other genres creating a unique fusion. Across The Parish Line is a multicultural mixture of zydeco, funk, soul, reggae, rock and world music. Featured guest musicians include Paul Simon, Marcia Ball, Garth Hudson and Rick Danko from The Band and many more. A combination of original music and traditional and classic tracks by an inspired and extraordinary vocalist who is keeping Louisiana roots music alive.
--AIM records press release

Garth and Rick guests on Simien's cover of "Twilight." The track was recorded in a studio in New Orleans in late December 1998, when The Band played at Levon Helm' All-American Cafe around New Years Eve. The lineup on the recording was: Terrances' Band - Garth - Rick (vocals) - Mike Dunn - Professor "Louie". The tapes were later brought back to LRS Studios in Woodstock/Hurley for Rick & Garth to finish the recordings.

Australian release in July 2006, US release in September 2006. In 2001, Terrance Simien honoured Rick Danko on his Tribute Sessions album.


  1. Dance Everyday
  2. You Used To Call Me - featuring Paul Simon
  3. Nobody But You
  4. Mississippi
  5. Ta Pa Gonne Avec Ca
  6. Closer to You
  7. You Should Know By Now
  8. Corrina
  9. Como Vivire? (How am I gonna make it)
  10. Always On My Mind - featuring Marcia Ball
  11. Pet De Kat Krewe
  12. Twilight - featuring Rick Danko and Garth Hudson
  13. Louisiana 1927
  14. Ta Pa Gone Avec Ca - International Remix (Bonus Track)

Terrance Simien - Across The Parish Line - 2006 - AIM Records 5014

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