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J.J. Cale: Anyway the Wind Blows - The Anthology

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Although it is a little too extensive for casual fans, the double-disc, 50-track Anyway the Wind Blows -- The Anthology is a definitive retrospective of J.J. Cale's career, featuring all the highlights from his career. Cale's albums often sounded similar, but they were remarkably uneven in terms of quality, which is what makes Anyway the Wind Blows essential for both neophytes and collectors. Not only is it a perfect introduction, containing such essentials as "Cocaine," "Call Me the Breeze" and "After Midnight," but it is one of his most consistently listenable and enjoyable discs.
-- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All-Music Guide

Includes Garth Hudson's accordion work from Cale's 1994 album Closer to You.


(all songs by J.J. Cale)
  1. Call Me the Breeze
  2. Crazy Mama
  3. Magnolia
  4. After Midnight
  5. Lies
  6. Changes
  7. If You're Ever in Oklahoma
  8. Midnight in Memphis
  9. Cajun Moon
  10. Rock & Roll Records
  11. Anyway the Wind Blows
  12. Crying
  13. Everlovin' Woman
  14. I Got the Same Old Blues
  15. Woke up This Morning
  16. Cocaine
  17. Woman That Got Away
  18. Ride Me High
  19. Hey Baby
  20. Durangoc
  21. I'll Make Love to You Anytime
  22. Don't Cry Sister
  23. Thirteen Days
  24. Things Ain't Simple
  25. Sensitive Kind
  26. Carry On
  27. Runaround
  28. Mama Don't
  29. City Girls
  30. Devil in Disguise
  31. You Keep Me Hangin' On
  32. Downtown L.A.
  33. Thing Going On
  34. Don't Wait
  35. Wish I Had Me a Dollar
  36. Money Talks
  37. Hard Times
  38. People Lie
  39. Unemployment
  40. Trouble in the City
  41. Santa Cruz
  42. Shanghaid
  43. Change Your Mind
  44. New Orleans
  45. Humdinger
  46. Lonesome Train
  47. Jailer
  48. Artificial Paradise
  49. Long Way Home
  50. Closer to You


(only members of The Band listed)
  • Garth Hudson, accordion
J.J. Cale - Anyway the Wind Blows, The Anthology - 1997 - Polygram 532901

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