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The Band: Academy of Outtakes

"The Genuine Rock of Ages"

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2CD Band bootleg released on the Wild Wolf label in 2000, with tracks from 1971 live recordings and rehearsal tapes. All previously unreleased/ uncirculated according to this "ad" for the CDs:

Incredible 33-track, superb quality from master reel sources. Another fab Wild Wolf set with 25 previously unreleased/uncirculating performances from the NY City, Academy of Music, December 28-31, 1971/72 gigs that spawned Rock of Ages - but no overlap with that one. Plus a terrific 8-song rehearsal from UltraSonic Studios, Long Island, in Dec 1971, also uncirculating & in primo sound.

Beautifully dressed up color glossy set w/vintage Band pics (6) spread throughout a 3-panel gatefold paper sleeve and classic color live shot from the Academy on back cover. Disks are 24K gold plated, audiophile design, with black/gold song titles on disk. An absolute knockout 155+ minutes and an instant Hall-of-Famer.

According to collectors, the CDs are of excellent quality. However, as usual, the track list is somewhat off. On Disk 1, track 17 is both track 17 and 18. There is no gap or track number change between tracks. On Disk 2, tracks 3 is both 3 and 4. The rest of the tracks are then off by one. Also, a hidden track appears: The last track on disk 2 is "Crash On The Levee" with Bob Dylan .


Disc 1

    Academy of Music:
  1. Cripple Creek
  2. The Shape I'm In
  3. The Rumor
  4. Time to Kill
  5. Strawberry Wine
  6. Rockin' Chair
  7. This Wheel's On Fire
  8. Get Up Jake
  9. Smoke Signal
  10. I Shall Be Released
  11. The Weight
  12. Stage Fright
  13. Life Is A Carnival
  14. King Harvest
  15. Caledonia Mission
  16. WS Walcott Medicine Show
  17. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  18. Across the Great Divide

Disc 2

  1. Unfaithful Servant
  2. Baby Don't Do it
  3. Genetic Method
  4. Chest Fever
  5. Rag Mama Rag
  6. R&R Shoes
  7. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

    UltraSonic Rehearsal:

  8. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  9. Across the Great Divide
  10. WS Walcott Medicine Show
  11. Life Is a Carnival
  12. Life Is a Carnival
  13. Across the Great Divide
  14. Unfaithful Servant
  15. Chest Fever

    "Hidden" track:
    Crash on the Levee (Bob Dylan)

The Band - Academy of Outtakes - 2000 - Wild Wolf 12/28/71 A/B

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