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Bob Dylan: Electric Black Nite Crash

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Tracks: 13, time: 71+, source: board?/reel-reel, quality: VeryGood+.

The first "real" release (non-CDR) from the recently surfaced Hollywood Bowl tape. If I may, the cover, a 1965 color close-up of Dylan's head in front of a microphone, is absolutely stunning. Quality is very good, not Guitars-Kissing good but complaining about a '65 performance w/the Hawks from a board or reel source is a bit ludicrous, no? The show provides a revealing look at Dylan at the height of his unique powers during the acoustic set, which is compelling and IMO a more inspired performance than the '65 UK shows or even the '64 acoustic sets, for that matter. May be heresy but I find this acoustic set better even than the '66 ones (I got my flame-proof jacket on). The electric set is a different story. You can sense the tentative, apprehensive nature of the performance, with the reins pulled back a bit and the confident, headlong burst into the fire that would characterize the '66 shows not yet in evidence. Still, we get a rare live "From a Buick Six" w/ some lyric variations and a chance to hear Dylan w/the Hawks in only their second live gig (1st Forest Hills) in very good sound, taken from the board or a reel source. In any case, this one's a must, as much as the '63 TownHall/Carnegie, '64 NYC Philharmonic, '65 Manchester & '66 Manchester are musts. A major link in understanding the chain. Nice package w/the previously mentioned cover and artwork all around. Essential. (Same quality as the intial CDR release Western Electric on Wild Wolf).
-- review from the Dylan e-zine Deep Beneath The Waves.

This bootleg is from the second concert Dylan did together with Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson on September 3, 1965. The first one took place on August 28. The other musicians were Harvey Brookes on bass and Al Kooper on piano and organ. The CD is missing "Tombstone Blues" and "It Ain't Me Babe" so it would fit on one disk - the circulating DAT has all of them as does the bootleg We Had Known A Lion.


  1. She Belongs To Me
  2. To Ramona
  3. Gates of Eden
  4. It's all Over Now Baby Blue
  5. Desolation Row
  6. Love Minus Zero / No Limit
  7. Mr Tambourine Man


  8. I Don't Believe You
  9. Tom Thumbs Blues
  10. From A Buick Six
  11. Maggie's Farm
  12. Ballad Of A Thin Man
  13. Like A Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan - Electric Black Nite Crash - 1998 - JunkYard Angel Junk 001

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