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Bob Dylan: Hard to Find

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This is a 21 track, 1CD, bootleg compilation of (mostly) officially released tracks from soundtracks, compilation albums, tributes....with several other heretofore unreleased trax. An excellent compilation of Dylan songs unavailable on Dylan albums spanning '63 ("Playboys & Playgirls" - Newport) to '95 ("House of Rising Sun" from HWY61 Interactive). This one could save you a lot of money by precluding the need to buy all the official disks these tracks are taken from (tribute/benefit albums: Doc Pomus, Woody Guthrie, Romanian Angel Appeal, Walt Disney Children's, Soundtracks: "Hearts of Fire"- although it does exclude the other take of "Had A Dream About You Baby," "Band of the Hand," "Flashback" - excellent version of "People Get Ready," "Natural Born Killers."

Tracks not mentioned already are: "Boogie Woogie Country Girl", "PBoy Floyd", "Heartland" w/Willie Nelson (studio), "Sign Language" w/Clapton and Robbie Robertson, "The Usual", "Night After Night", "Hard Rain" (Nara Festival 5/94), "Song to Woody" (30th Anniv), "This Old Man", "You Belong to Me", "Rita May & GJackson" acoustic ("Masterpieces").

Curiously lame choices include "Baby let Me FYD" from "The Last Waltz" ("curiously lame" choice only because of its availability elsewhere) and the demo take of "Caribbean Wind" from '81 (doesn't fit in, despite its greatness). Of particular interest (and one I've not heard of previously) is an incredible version of "Ballad of Hollis Brown" listed as from the "3rd Annual Farewell Reunion" w/Mike Seeger. Absolutely fabulous version w/Dylan accompanied by banjo and perhaps another guitar -sounds like its from the 90's based on his voice. Definitive version, IMO. More info required on recording date of this, please. Lastly, another mention of the killer version of "People Get Ready" is warranted. Truly sublime stuff w/large chorus - was this really on the "Flashback" soundtrack (movie w/Kiefer "Almost had Julia" Sutherland" and Dennis Hopper)? Primo quality all around and with a little more thought could have been even better. Still, a lot of the material is no longer in print, so here's your chance to get it on CD. Let's hope there's a Volume 2 in Effective Mining's plans.
-- review from Beneath the Waves

The last track "Little Susie Shallow Throat" is not Dylan and has a particularly raunchy lyric (though not too much more so than the U.S. national news as of late).


  1. Playboys and Playgirls
    BD and Pete Seeger Newport (1963)
  2. House Of the Rising Sun
    Highway 61 Interactive CD
  3. Boogie Woogie Country Girl
    Doc Pomus Tribute Album
  4. Pretty Boy Floyd
    Guthrie Tribute Album (1987 Studio Outtake)
  5. Hollis Brown
    3d Annual Farewell Reunion w/Mike Seeger
  6. Heartland
    BD w/Willie Nelson Outtake
  7. Sign Language
    BD w/Eric Clapton (No Reason to Cry Album)
  8. The Usual
    Hearts of Fire Soundtrack
  9. Night After Night
    Hearts of Fire Soundtrack
  10. Hard Rain
    1994 Great Music Experience
  11. Song to Woody
    1992 Tribute Concert
  12. Nobody's Child
    Wilbury's - Romanian Appeal Album
  13. Band of the Hand
  14. Carribean Wind
    1981 Special Rider Demo
  15. This Old Man
    Disney Charity Album
  16. People Get Ready
    Flashback Soundtrack
  17. You Belong to Me
    Natural Born Killers Soundtrack
  18. Rita Mae
    Desire Outtake from Australian Masterpieces
  19. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
    Last Waltz w/Band
  20. George Jackson
    Acoustic Single Version
  21. Little Susie Shallow Throat
    Who knows....

Bob Dylan - Hard to Find - 1995 - Effective Mining Records

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