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Bridget Ball: Bricks and Windows

[cover art]

Like many of today's folk artists, Bridget Ball began her performing career in college, by playing cover tunes in tap rooms and pizza joints to earn a little extra money. By the time she graduated, she felt she had found her profession, and her first album, Duffy Rose, was named one of the top ten albums of 1988 by WUMB in Boston, one of the country's premier acoustic radio stations. Inspired by research that points to the pre-teen years as a time when girls often suffer a plummeting loss of self-esteem, Bridget has developed a much-lauded program of songwriting workshops called "Sisters and Friends", to give girls an opportunity to speak up and sing out. In addition to her performances and recording work, Bridget also manages, with her husband, Adirondack folk singer Christopher Shaw, Twining Tree, a small acoustic label she founded with Chris to produce and market their own recordings. Bridget's latest release, Bricks and Windows, features such notable players as John Sebastian, Garth Hudson, Artie Traum, and Cindy Cashdollar. Dirty Linen has called it "a momentous release" by "a strong contemporary songwriter to be reckoned with".
-- copied from the Contemporary Folk Week 1996 Web site

Accordion by Garth on two tracks.


  1. Once in a While
  2. Here We Go Again
  3. I Have You
  4. Quiet Street
  5. Sam
  6. Missing My Man
  7. Secret Bliss
  8. Different Drum
  9. Flower in a Clay Pot
  10. Donal Og
  11. Because of You
  12. Indiana


  • Cindy Cashdollar
  • Garth Hudson
  • Teresina Huxtable
  • Michael Jerling
  • Ed Lowman
  • Tony Markellis
  • Brian Melick
  • Larry Packer
  • John Sebastian
  • Christopher Shaw
  • Artie Traum
  • Sredni Vollmer

Bridget Ball - Bricks and Windows - 1996 - Hudson River Co. HUD60131d
Released on tape in 1993

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