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Indigo Girls: Come On Now Social

[cover art]

The Indigo Girls have filled dormitory hallways, sold out sheds, and souls for 14 years. Now they return with their seventh LP of potent rock-lore. Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have what Simon and Garfunkel had, that ethereal harmony connection that must be divine. But unlike on any of their previous albums, the songs on Come on Now Social find banjos and soft-stringed acoustics on the back burner, making room this time for snares, distortion, and more "Indie-tude" than ever. "Gone Again" and "Ozilline" are festive, frolicking bluegrass tunes that smile and knee slap. But the lead track, "Go," gets gone with plunging kick drums and driving, angular guitar riffs. "Compromise" is packed with punching-bag bass lines and stone-dry inflections from Ray. Even on Saliers' snuggly call to action, "Peace Tonight," there is a horn section. Be it Sinead O'Connor's enlisted band bringing about this feisty approach, or just the end of an era, Come on Now Social finds the Indigo Girls with their same heartache and protest, just a lot more voltage.
-- Lynn Bryan, CDnow

[Garth & Indigo in the studio]
Garth with the Indigo Girls in the studio at Southern Tracks Recording, Atlanta, GA. From left to right, Garth, Amy Ray, Claire Kenny, Brady Blades and Emily Saliers.

The track "Gone Again" on Come On Now Social, a "timeless four-chord folk song" recorded in Woodstock and elsewhere in February '99, is written and sung by Amy (mandolin, acoustic guitar) who is joined by Emily (banjo, backing vocal), the Bandís Garth Hudson (organ) and Rick Danko (bass), Jerry Marotta (drums) and Sheryl Crow (backing vocals).

Garth is also credited for keyboards on tracks 7, "Ozilline." Rick Danko suggested the "My pleasures would be doubled if I could call you mine" background part to this song.


  1. Go
  2. Soon To Be Nothing
  3. Gone Again MPEG-2 file (375K)
  4. Trouble
  5. Sister
  6. Peace Tonight
  7. Ozilline
  8. We Are Together
  9. Cold Beer And Remote Control
  10. Compromise
  11. Andy
  12. Faye Tucker


(only members of The Band listed)
  • Rick Danko, bass
  • Garth Hudson, orgam

Indigo Girls - Come On Now Social - 1999 - Epic Records

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