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Doris: Did You Give the World Some Love Today, Baby

[cover art]

1970 album from Swedish singer and Petula Clark wanna-be Doris (Svensson), re-issued on CD (with bonus tracks) by EMI in 1996.

The album Includes a cover of Richard Manuel's "Whispering Pines". The ensemble playing is solid and Doris' young voice is lovely, but they obviously did not have access to sheet music with correct lyrics -- Doris and her backing singer do quite a bit of guessing/improvising here.

Liner notes from original LP:

This LP marks the highlight in the career of a talented Nordic blond vocalist - Doris Svensson from Gothenburg, Sweden. It seems as though she's finally managed to find and record a set of songs that suit her 100%. Maybe this isn't surprising when you consider the musical genius that went into writing and scoring the album. Most of the material was written and arranged by TV producer, jazz-pianist, composer, "rarely-out-of-the-news-man-about-town" Berndt Egerbladh. Lyrical assistance was generously provided by a 6 foot kiltless Scottish giant, Francis Cowan. Francis also plays the cello on a few tracks which explains why he's kiltless. Anyway, quite a combination which gave a fantastic result, with a little help from the producer Håkan Sterner. Incidentally, Håkan found the job so exciting that he was forced to retreat behind a beard after its completion.

Doris' album provides 36 minutes of qualified musical jou guaranteed to satisfy all tastes. Discotheques will find that two numbers in particular, "Don't" and "Beatmaker" are good box office draws. Jazz die-hards might even start visiting discotheques after digesting "I wish I knew" and "I'm pushing you out". Note too an incredible ballad called "Daisies" and tell me if Sweden hasn't produced a dangerous competitor for Melanie.

Once again, this LP's got something for everybody, the best of underground, jazz, rock and folk - not mixed up in one gigantic hotch-potch, but all in gentle harmony. Listen to Doris - a good time will be has by all.
--Roger Wallis


  1. Did you give the world some love today, baby (Norman L. Martin)
  2. I wish I knew (Billy Taylor - Dick Dallas)
  3. Grey rain of Sweden (Berndt Egerbladh - Pamela Gray)
  4. Waiting at the station (Berndt Egerbladh - Francis Cowan)
  5. Don't (Berndt Egerbladh - Francis Cowan)
  6. Daisies (Berndt Egerbladh - Pamela Gray)
  7. You never come closer (Berndt Egerbladh - Francis Cowan)
  8. Whispering pine [sic] (Richard Manuel - Robbie Robertson)
  9. I'm pushing you out (Berndt Egerbladh - Francis Cowan)
  10. Won't you take me to the theatre (Berndt Egerbladh - Francis Cowan)
  11. Beatmaker (Berndt Egerbladh - Francis Cowan)
  12. Bath (Harry Nilsson)

    CD Bonus tracks, "the pop years:"

  13. Mama didn't lie (Curtis Mayfield)
  14. Benny Law (Christer Olsson - Thomas Sallstrøm)
  15. You made a fool of me (Christer Olsson - Thomas Sallstrøm)
  16. Wouldn't that be groovy (Bengt Karlsson - Søren Karlsson)
  17. Don't let it rain (J. Peel - S. Robertson)
  18. One fine day (Gerry Goffin - Caroline King)
  19. Flowers in the morning (John Cameron)
  20. What a lovely day (Gabor Nadas - Roger Wallis - Åke Strømmer)
  21. Why did you go (Jerome South)
  22. Go back to daddy (John Chesterton - Bob McNally)


Organ: BERNDT EGERBLADH. Drums: JANNE CARLSSON. Guitar: BENGAN CARLSSON. Bass: LUKAS LINDHOLM. Recorded April 6-8 and May 28, 1970 at EMI Studios, Stockholm. Arranger and conductor: BERNDT EGERBLADH. Recording engineer: BJØRN NOREN. Producer: HÅKAN STERNER.

Doris - Did You Give the World Some Love Today, Baby - 1970 - EMI/ Odeon
CD-reissue: 7243 8 54612 2 4 (EMI Svenska AB, 1996). The CD has 10 additional bonus tracks.

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