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The Dingoes: Five Times the Sun

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The Australian band the Dingoes recorded an album called Five Times the Sun in LA in the mid 70s and Garth Hudson guested on it (on one track) - he may have also had a hand in producing it. The Dingoes were one of the top Australian bands of the early '70s and they were strongly influenced by the Band. Several of the original members are still playing as respected session muso's or putting out solo efforts. The Band had a profound affect on Australian rock music in the early '70s. There were a number of bands playing their kind of punchy country rock/blues but, more importantly, starting to write songs about the country they live in.
--Peter Dwyer
The Dingoes, L-R John Du Bois, Kerryn Tolhurst, Broderick Smith, Chris Stockley and John Lee.

The Dingoes signed a two-album deal with A&M in the USA in 1976. In preparation, they undertook 3 months of rehearsals in Canada, then headed for the US, where they set up base in Mill Valley, in Northern California, at the start of 1977. They recorded tracks for a new A&M album in San Francisco during January and February, produced by Elliot Mazer, producer for Janis Joplin and Neil Young, with session contributions from celebrated keyboard players Nicky Hopkins and Garth Hudson (whose presence was particularly appropriate, given the tremendous impact that the music of  The Band had on many Australian musicians, including The Dingoes). The new album, Five Times The Sun, was their first overseas release, and included re-recorded versions of tracks from their first album, including "Way Out West" and "Smooth Sailing," which enjoyed chart success when released (as a double A-side) in Australia. It also featured liner notes by author Emmett Grogan. The band members were granted their prized green-cards, allowing them to base themselves in America, and in their two-year stay they toured forty states by road.


  1. Boy on the Run [Stockley-Smith]
  2. Come on Down [Stockley] 
  3. Shine a Light [Stockley] 
  4. Singing Your Song [Tolhurst] 
  5. Smooth Sailing [Tolhurst] 
  6. Starting Today [Tolhurst] 
  7. Waiting for the Tide to Turn [Tolhurst] 
  8. Way Out West [Dingoes]


The Dingoes:
  • John Du Bois, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • John Lee, drums, percussion
  • Broderick Smith, vocals, harmonica
  • Chris Stockley, guitar, vocals
  • Kerryn Tolhurst, guitar, mandolin,vocals
  • Garth Hudson, keyboards
  • Nicky Hopkins, keyboards
  • Elliot F. Mazer , producer

The Dingoes - Five Times the Sun - 1977 - A&M Records SP-4636 (USA)
CD: Five Times the Sun and Other Delicacies, A&M Records 540 318-2, Australia 1995

AMG Rating: Good

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