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Larry Groce: Green Pastures Are Before Me

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Singer/songwriter Larry Groce has recorded over 20 albums covering a wide range of musical styles since the '70s, including the infamous Junkfood Junkie (Warner BS-2933) from 1976. Since 1984 he has hosted and co-produced the radio show Mountain Stage, a program with performing artists recorded live in front of an audience. The Band and Band members have been guesting on the program on several occasions, and are present on the album The Best of Mountain Stage Volume 1.

Groce's LP Green Pastures Are Before Me is an album of hymns from 1979, released on the Peaceable Records label and produced by C. Randolph Nauert. Garth Hudson was heavily involved on it, playing beautiful piano, organ, accordian and synth. Garth's wife Maud is also credited for vocals. One of the tracks, "The Lord's Prayer," was mixed by Ed Anderson at The Band's Shangri-La Studio in Malibu.

Larry Groce


  1. Be Thou, O God, Exalted High
  2. In Heavenly Love Abiding
  3. They Who Seek The Throne Of Grace
  4. In Speechless Prayer And Reverence
  5. Behold, They Stand In Robes Of White
  6. Sow In The Morn Thy Seed
  7. The Lord Is My Shepherd
  8. Dear God, How Glorious Is Thy Name
  9. How Wondrous Is Thy Mercy, Lord
  10. In Thee, Oh Spirit True And Tender
  11. Eternal Mind The Potter Is
  12. Abide With Me; Fast Falls The Even Tide
  13. O God, Our Help In Ages Past
  14. The Lord's Prayer


  • Larry Groce, guitar/ vocals
  • Garth Hudson, piano/ parlor organ/ accordian/ Yamaha CS80 Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Emory Gordy Jr., guitars/ bass/ mandolin/ string and horn arrangements
  • Berke McKelvey, bass/ backing vocals
  • Maud Hudson, backing vocals
  • Cheryl Rasco, backing vocals
  • Laura Karlson, backing vocals
  • Ann Robertson, backing vocals
  • Walt Wilder, engineer
  • Michael Lietz, engineer
  • Ed Anderson, engineer

Larry Groce - Green Pastures Are Before Me - 1979 - Peaceable Records #12

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