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Ronnie Hawkins: The Hawk

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Garth Hudson contributed keyboards and accordion on this '79 Hawkins album. Also featured are the late Stan Szelest, who appears on the Band's 1993 album Jericho. There is also another Ronnie Hawkins album called The Hawk from 1971, that was recorded in Muscle Shoals with Duane Allman and some others.

A remastered The Hawk was re-released on CD by Capitol Records in March 2006. The sleeve notes for the remaster are from 2005 and written by Anne Pick, with extensive recent quotes from Ronnie. e.g.:

"The trouble was -- you can't give a bunch of guitar pickers a lot of 'refreshments', you'll never get anything done. I heard producer and guitar player Keith Allison playing with Ricky Danko, Paul Butterfield and Gary Busey and so I invited him down. Most of the tracks were laid down there (in Arkansas) and then Stan (Szelest) my piano player and Garth Hudson and I went to LA with him, pulled in some triple scale cats and finished it right. It was quick but then, all the girls said I was quick."
"Despite a few body parts not working as good as they used to, I'm heading back on the road and down to Arkansas. I turned 70 this year. They told me in '58 that the big time was just around the corner, all I can say is, it's one hell of a corner."
The notes also mention that Robbie Robertson had swung Hawkins the 1979 deal with United Artists.


  1. Down South In New Orleans
  2. Shelter of Your Eyes
  3. Something's Been Making me Blue
  4. Pledging My Love
  5. Sick and Tired
  6. Elvira
  7. Blue Moon of Kentucky
  8. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
  9. My Babe
  10. Let It Rock


  • Keith Allison, bass/guitar/vocal/producer
  • Ryeland Allison, percussion
  • James Burton, guitar
  • Paul Butterfield, harmonica
  • Sammy Creason, drums
  • Terry Danko, vocal
  • Charlie Freeman, guitar/guitar
  • Ronnie Hawkins, vocal
  • Garth Hudson, synthesizer/accordion
  • Brooks Hunnicutt, vocal
  • Phyllis Saint James, vocal
  • Gabriel Katona, synthesizer
  • Bobby LaKind, conductor
  • Carl Mathers, violin
  • Dee Murray, bass
  • Jerry Peterson, saxophone
  • Lisa Roberts, vocal
  • Rick Schlosser, drums
  • Jerry Sommers, drums
  • Stan Szelest, piano
  • Randy Tominaga, engineer
  • Mike Utley, organ
  • Richard Wachtel, guitar

Ronnie Hawkins - The Hawk - 1979 - United Artists UA-LA968-H
Compact disc: Capitol Records 47256 - 2006 (remastered)

AMG Rating: OK

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