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Various Artists: Largo

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"...although this song cycle of contemporary frontier ballads, Appalachian reels and work songs is loosely inspired by Dvorak's New World Symphony, it's musical signpost point to The Band's early work. A highly imaginative, and frequently moving, album."
-- Entertainment Weekly 5/29/98, p.77

Largo is a 1998 various-artists concept album inspired by classical composer Dvorak's 9th symphony. The project was initiated, assembled, and produced by Rick Chertoff, Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian, respectively producer and singer/multi-instrumentalists with the heavily The Band-influenced group The Hooters. Largo started as the recording sessions for a new Hooters album, but evolved into a collaboration between The Hooters and great guest artists like Taj Mahal, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Joan Osborne, The Chieftains, Carole King, Cyndi Lauper, David Forman, and Willie Nile.

The Band's Levon Helm and Garth Hudson both appear on the album, on separate tracks. Levon does a duet with David Forman on "Gimme a Stone", while Garth plays an atmospherically dreamy piece titled "Garth's Largo," together with his wife Maud. Garth's keyboard work here is reminiscent of his interpretation of "Feed the Birds" from the Disney album Stay Awake.


  1. Chieftains' Largo

  2. Freedom Ride
    Taj Mahal (lead vocal, harmonica, barks)

  3. Cyrus in the Moonlight
    Rob Hyman (lead vocal, piano, synthesizer)

  4. Gimme a Stone [RealAudio]
    David Forman & Levon Helm (lead vocals)

  5. Hand in Mine
    Rob Hyman (lead vocal, electric piano, organ, accordian), Joan Osborne (lead vocal)

  6. Vishnu Largo
    Rob Hyman (Hammond Chord Organ)

  7. Disorient Express
    David Forman (lead & harmony vocal, acoustic guitar), Rob Hyman (lead & harmony vocal, organ, electric piano)

  8. White Man's Melody
    Cyndi Lauper (lead vocal)

  9. Needed Time
    Taj Mahal (lead vocal, dobro)

  10. Banjoman
    Taj Mahal & David Forman (lead vocals)

  11. Largo's Dream
    David Forman (lead vocal)

  12. Garth Largo
    Garth Hudson(bass, soprano, tarogato, tenor & alto sax, allen organ, synthesizers,accordion) , Maud Hudson (vocal), Steve Rust (upright bass)

  13. Medallion
    Willie Nile & David Forman (lead vocals)

  14. An Uncommon Love
    Joan Osborne (lead vocal), Carole King (harmony vocal), Chieftains

  15. Chieftains Largo (Reprise)

  16. Before the Mountains
    Little Isidore (lead & background vocals)


  • Rick Chertoff
  • Taj Mahal
  • Levon Helm
  • Garth Hudson
  • Joan Osborne
  • The Chieftains
  • Carole King
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Rob Hyman
  • Eric Bazilian
  • David Forman
  • Willie Nile.
Various Artists - Largo - 1998 - Polygram 536877

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