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Levon Helm: Levon Helm

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Levon Helm signed to the Muscle Shoals Sound's Capitol-affiliated label after the demise of ABC records. With Jimmy Johnson and Barry Becket at the controls, he cut his second eponymously titled album at the Muscle Shoals Alabama studio in 1981. Levon Helm was mostly a collection of covers ("Money", "Willie and the Hand Jive") and songs by various Southern writers.

Good critic reviews followed the release of the recording, and executives at Capitol expressed they liked the album. However, as record companies do many times, they chose not to promote it, and Levon Helm never entered the album charts.

The European pressing of this album also contained a version of "Summertime Blues", that was released as a Dutch 7" single with "Money" on the B-side.

Re-released on CD by Edsel Records in Europe in February 1998, and by Kejo Entertainment (along with Capitol Records) in the US in 2005. The US CD has remastered sound and includes "Summertime Blues" as a bonus track. Re-released again in Australia in 2011 as a 2-on-1 titled Take me to the River, paired with Levon Helm (1978), with "Summertime Blues" as bonus track.


1. You Can't Win 'Em All (Bown/Chapman) AU file (331K)
2. Lucrecia (R. Supa) AU file (331K)
3. Even A Fool Would Let Go (Snow/Chater) AU file (331K)
4. I've Got a Bet with Myself (D. Elliot) AU file (331K)
5. Money (M.L. Gordon) AU file (331K)
6. Get Out Your Big Roll Daddy (Seals/Chapman) AU file (331K)
7. Willie and the Hand Jive (J. Otis) AU file (331K)
8. The Got Song (T. Talton) AU file (331K)
9. Give a Little Bit (T. Talton) AU file (331K)
10. God Bless 'Em All (M. Buckins) AU file (331K)

Bonus track on European LP and US 2005 CD:

11. Summertime Blues


  • Ava Aldridge, backing vocal
  • Bonnie Bramlett, backing vocal
  • Barry Beckett, keyboards
  • Mickey Buckins, drums/percussion
  • Robert Byrne, backing vocal
  • Terry Cagle, backing vocal
  • Harrison Calloway, trumpet
  • Duncan Cameron, guitar
  • Pete Carr, guitar
  • Earl Cate, guitar
  • Earnie Cate, kyboards
  • Ben Cauley, trumpet
  • Mike Chapman
  • Dick Cooper, production ass.
  • Ronnie Eades, sax
  • Ron Eoff, backing vocal
  • Pete Greene, engineer
  • Owen Hale, drums/percussion
  • Greg Hamm, engineer
  • Robert Harwell, sax
  • Roger Hawkins, drums/percussion
  • Levon Helm, vocals/drums/percussion/mandolin
  • David Hood, bass
  • James Hooker
  • Jimmy Johnson, guitar/engineer
  • George Lair, production ass.
  • Lenny LeBlanc, backing vocal
  • Mac McAnally, backing vocal
  • Will McFarlane, backing vocal
  • Mary Beth McLemore, engineer
  • Steve Melton, engineer
  • Steve Nathan, keyboards
  • Wayne Perkins, guitar/backing vocals
  • Charles Rose, trombone
  • Jimmy "Doc" Simpson, clarinet
  • Russel Smith, backing vocals
  • Richie Supa, backing vocal
  • Harvey Thompson, sax

Levon Helm - Levon Helm - 1982 - Capitol ST-12201
Single sleeve LP
Compact Discs: Edsel 537712 (1998), Kejo Entertainment (2005)
2-on-1 CD Levon Helm (1978)/Levon Helm (1982), Take me to the River, Raven Records, 2011

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