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Boris Grebenshikov: Lilith

[US cover art]

[US CD] [Russian CD]

Legendary Russian singer/songwriter Boris Grebenshikov from Leningrad, is often referred to as "the Russian Bob Dylan." Grebenshikov is the long-time leader of the underground rock group Aquarium, who hooked up with Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and other Western rockers to record the U.S. album Radio Silence (Columbia CK-44364) in 1989.

According to the Russian Aquarium web pages, Grebenshikov recorded parts of the album Lilith, released in December 1997, during his U.S. tour in the summer of '97 where he played e.g. Wetlands Preserve in New York. Some of the tracks were done at Woodstock's Bearsville studios and/or Green Street studios with The Band members Rick Danko (bass), Garth Hudson (Hammond B-3), Jim Weider (el. guitar), and Randy Ciarlante (drums) as guest musicians. Also present were Harvey Brooks (bass) and Ben Kay (piano). Grebenshikov does indeed sound like Dylan in places. The playing by The Band is great, nice to hear Garth on a Hammond B3.

See also the December '98 article about Lilith in the Russian web newspaper The St Petersburg Times.

Here are some photos of Boris Grebenshikov:

The word "Lilith" is from Jewish Mythology, where it is the name of a female demon of some sort, see e.g. this Lilith page. Note that the CDs sold in the US are also titled "Black Moon".

The Russian web page says the CD can be bought in the US for $15 (a cassette is available for $10), sent to:

Dmitri Strizhov
106 West 69th Street #5D
New York, N.Y, 10023 USA
Phone +212-362-9216.

Strizhov has a Woodstock connection, and was the one who set up the recording with The Band. He warns that this is a USA version, which differs from the one sold in Russia. He also warns that an illegal copy from Bulgaria is being peddled. Watch for a label saying "Not for sale in USA." Please note that I have no idea if any of this is correct or can be trusted.

There are downloadable Real Audio samples of whole songs from Lilith available at the Planet Aquarium Lilith pages.


(These are the translated titles of the tracks on the US CD, the Russian release differs slightly in content and order of tracks. Thanks to Serge Daniloff for doing the Russian translation.)

1.Last day of August [RealAudio]
2.From Kalinin to Tver [RealAudio]
3.Hard Destiny [RealAudio]
4.On Her Side [RealAudio]
5.If Not for You [RealAudio]
6.Swamps of the Neva [RealAudio]
7.Daria, Daria [RealAudio]
8.Doctor [RealAudio]
9.Some Get Married [RealAudio]
10.Where the Moon Will Appear [RealAudio]
11.Tough Life [RealAudio]
12.How Do I Know You [RealAudio]
13.Road to Damascus [RealAudio]


(only members of The Band listed)
  • Rick Danko, electric bass
  • Garth Hudson, Hammond B-3 organ
  • Jim Weider, electric guitar
  • Randy Ciarlante, drums
Boris Grebenshikov - Lilith - 1997 - ?

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