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Nina Violet: Lose Strife

[cover art]

Nina Violet's Lose Strife is the first release from Grandma's Basement, the new music label of Island-born singer/songwriter Willy Mason.

Lose Strife is an ambitious and earnest album, evidenced by its opening track, "Bruise." It is a love song of sorts in which Ms. Violet's plaintive vocals rise above her ambient guitar work, creating a contrast that manages to convey longing. Nina Violet

The album contains vast instrumentation - strings, synthesizers, organs, harpsichord, sitar, melatron, and electric guitars. Despite this collection of instruments, its tone is both personal and tasteful - no small feat. It is also a testament to Ms. Violet's skill as a self-produced artist.

The album's very present sound owes much to the thoughtful ear of sound engineer Matthew Cullen, who has worked with artists such as My Morning Jacket, Antony and The Johnsons, and Evan Dando, among others. This recording also features the genius of Garth Hudson (on accordion on "Burn The Bridge"), a former member of The Band.

All in all, this is a standout work that uses talent and feeling like a razor to cut through the void of false sentimentality and overproduction that plagues much of today's folk and rock music.

--Colin Ruel, The Martha's Vineyard Times, May 2008


  1. Better Than to Bruise You
  2. Way Down Washing Dirty Dishes
  3. Burn the Bridge
  4. Some Day We'll Be Alive
  5. Yellow Flash
  6. Kiss That Blade
  7. Slow Me Down
  8. My Brother
  9. Tiny Seeds
  10. When You Leave Your Body Home
  11. Burn the Bridge
  12. Cayuse

Nina Vieolet - Lose Strife - 2008 - Grandma's Basement

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