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Levon Helm Band:
The Midnight Ramble Sessions Vol.2

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"The Battle Is Over (But The War Goes On)" is Levon's best performance since "Dixie" at The Last Waltz... It's all fabulous stuff with astonishing sax work. You really have to get this album! It crawls under your skin in the very best way."
--Peter and Karen Viney on The Midnight Ramble Sessions Vol.2, The GB, September 2005

2-disc CD/DVD set from Midnight Ramble sessions at Levon Helm's studio in Woodstock, recorded live in January and November 2004 and March 2005. Available from Release date June 1, 2005. Volume I was released earlier the same year.

The DVD has a bonus video with Levon singing a wonderful version of The Band and Dylan's "Don't You Tell Henry".


  1. MPEG-3 file Battle Is Over But The War Goes On (M. Rogers, J. Winn)
  2. MPEG-3 file What Kind Of Man Are You (Ray Charles)
  3. MPEG-3 file Don't Ya Tell Henry (Bob Dylan)
  4. MPEG-3 file Blue Shadows (Lowell Fulson) featuring Sean Costello
  5. MPEG-3 file Johnny Boogie Goode (Levon Helm Band)
  6. MPEG-3 file I Want To Know (Ray Charles)
  7. MPEG-3 file A Fool In Love (Ike Turner)
  8. MPEG-3 file Borrowed Time (Mac Rebbenack) featuring Dr. John
  9. WAV file When The Battle Is Over (Mac Rebbenack, Jesse Hill)


  • Levon Helm: drums & vocals
  • Amy Helm: mandolin & vocals
  • Johnnie Johnson: piano
  • Little Sammy Davis: Vocal & Harmonica
  • Dr John: guitar & vocals
  • Jon R. Smith: saxophone
  • Sean Costello: guitar & vocals
  • Andrew Shober: bass & vocals
  • Julia Smith: vocals
  • Stephen Bernstein: trumpet
  • Byron Isaacs: bass & vocals
  • Eric Lawrence: saxophone
  • Tony Leone: drums & vocals
  • Fiona McBain: guitar & vocals
  • Glen Patscha: keyboards & vocals
  • Larry Cambell: fiddle & vocals
  • Jimmy Vivino: guitar & vocals
  • Mike Merritt: bass
  • Tony Leone: drums & vocals
The Levon Helm Band - The Midnight Ramble Sessions Volume II - CD/DVD - 2005

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