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The Charles Lloyd Quartet: Of Course, Of Course

[cover art]

Flutist and saxplayer Charles Lloyd from West Memphis, a good friend of the Hawks/Band in the sixties, played with the Cannonball Adderley Sextet in 1964. Cannonball's band was a major influence for the Hawks, as they went through their "jazzster" period, often including Lloyd-inspired flute solos by Jerry Penfound in their concerts. According to John Simon, Robbie Robertson was invited by Charles Lloyd to sit in with the quartet in the Columbia studio in New York, March 1965, during the recording of Of Course, Of Course. Simon claims Robbie played guitar on the track "Third Floor Richard", a tune written in honor of a dealer that both Robbie and Lloyd knew, who lived on the third floor of Lloyd's building. Robertson is not credited on the album.
-- extracted from Levon Helm's book This Wheel's on Fire

Another track with Robbie on guitar from the Of Course, Of Course sessions, "Sun Dance," was later released on Lloyds's 1968 album Nirvana. "Sun Dance" was also included as a bonus track on the 2006 CD re-release of Of Course, Of Course.


(*: CD bonus track)
  1. Of Course, Of Course (Lloyd)
  2. The Song My Lady Sings (Lloyd)
  3. The Best Thing For You (I.Berlin)
  4. The Things We Did Last Summer (S.Cahn/J.Styne)
  5. Apex (Lloyd)
  6. One For Joan (Lloyd)
  7. Goin' To Memphis (Lloyd)
  8. Voice In The Night (Lloyd)
  9. Third Floor Richard (Lloyd)
  10. * East Of The Sun (Brooks Bowman)
  11. * Island Blues (Lloyd)
  12. * Sun Dance (Lloyd)


  • George Avakian, producer
  • Ron Carter, bass
  • Charles Lloyd, tenor sax, flute
  • Robbie Robertson, guitar
  • John Simon, producer
  • Gabor Szabo, guitar
  • Tony Williams, drums
  • Bob Cato, cover photo

The Charles Lloyd Quartet - Of Course, Of Course - 1965 - Columbia CL 2412/CS 9212
Compact disc: Mosaic MCD-1006 (2006)

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