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Various Artists: Rhythm Country & Blues

[cover art]

Rhythm Country & Blues is one of those various artists collections that always works better on paper than it does in practice. The intent behind the album was to demonstrate that there wasn't much difference between country and soul, either in terms of songwriting or performance. In order to prove this theory, the producers came up with a series of 11 duets featuring one country musician and one R&B musician, and had the duos sing classic songs. So, Rhythm Country & Blues is filled with duets like Conway Twitty and Sam Moore's "Rainy Night In Georgia," Al Green and Lyle Lovett's "Funny How Time Slips Away," Clint Black and the Pointer Sisters' "Chain of Fools," Aaron Neville and Trisha Yearwood's "I Fall to Pieces," and George Jones and B.B. King's "Patches." Given all that talent, the album should have been a stunner. Instead, it's merely competent. It suffers from forced duets like Patti LaBelle and Travis Tritt, an overly-familiar selection of songs, and too-slick production. Rhythm Country & Blues sold well intially because a well-orchestrated publicity campaign but, in retrospect, that marketing plan was the most memorable thing about the entire project.
-- Thom Owens, All-Music Guide

Rhythm Country & Blues includes country singer Marty Stuart doing a gospel version of "The Weight" together with the Staple Singers. This version can also be found on the Marty Stuart compilation Marty Party Hit Pack (Marty Stuart, 1995, MCA 11204).


  1. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (Vince Gill & Gladys Knight)
  2. Funny How Time Slips Away (Al Green & Lyle Lovett)
  3. I Fall To Pieces (Aaron Neville & Trisha Yearwood)
  4. Somethin' Else (Little Richard & Tanya Tucker)
  5. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Patti LaBelle & Travis Tritt)
  6. Rainy Night In Georgia (Sam Moore & Conway Twitty)
  7. Chain Of Fools (Clint Black/Pointer Sisters)
  8. Since I Fell For You (Natalie Cole & Reba McEntire)
  9. Southern Nights (Chet Atkins/Allen Toussaint)
  10. The Weight (Marty Stuart & The Staple Singers) AU file (358K)
  11. Patches (George Jones & B.B. King)
Various Artists - Rhythm Country & Blues - 1994 - MCA 10965

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