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Bill Culp: Roots'N'Roll

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Born and raised in small town Ontario, roots-rocker Bill Culp conjures up the musical ghosts of Memphis, Tennessee circa 1956 with 14 rockabilly hits. Echoing Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins, this mix of originals and covers, showcases his rural roots. One standout cover is Gord Lewis. "Full Time Fool" -- here ex-Band great Garth Hudson fills in admirably on the keys, with a performance that would make Jerry Lee Lewis proud.
--from Chart Magazine's review of Roots'N'Roll

Comprised of original material from a variety of musical styles including folk, rockabilly, country, pop, and rock and roll, the 2005 solo debut Roots'N'Roll from veteran Canadian roots musician Bill Culp (Tennessee Rockets Six Gun Justice, Fabulous Diefenbakers) also features selected covers from Dave Alvin, Tom Wilson, Jack deKeyzer, Gord Lewis, Dave Rave and Lieber/Stoller.

Bill Culp and Garth Hudson, Roots 'n' Roll sessions, 2004.

Culp performed the tracks on the disc along with a handful of notable Canadian musical talents including The Band's Garth Hudson on keyboards, Jack deKeyzer on guitar, Dave Rave on vocals (best known for his days with Teenage Head and the Shakers), Chris Whiteley on pedal steel, trumpet and harmonica, Conrad Kipling on mandolin and fiddle (from Melody Ranch) and Mary deKeyzer on vocals (known as Toronto's "Queen of Country Blues"). The recording was done in Toronto with producer Jim Zolis.


  1. The Ballad of John Paul
  2. Riverside
  3. Your Sins Will Always Find You
  4. Lipstick Lies
  5. One Bad Stud
  6. You Can't Keep Looking
  7. She Waits
  8. Two Left Feet
  9. Memphis Connection
  10. Last Hurtin' Song
  11. Full Time Fool
  12. Things Are Better
  13. Marie Marie
  14. Keeping Score

Bill Culp - Roots'N'Roll - 2005 - Bullseye Records

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