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The Sadies: In Concert Volume One

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Released in August 2006, this is a double-live set from Toronto's spaghetti-surf guitar heroes (Mike Belitsky - drums and vocals, Sean Dean - upright bass, Dallas Good - guitars, keyboards & vocals, Travis Good - guitars, fiddle, mandolin & vocals), featuring guests like Neko Case, Garth Hudson, Maud Hudson and Jon Langford. Garth plays on several tracks, Maud joins in on the track "Food, Water, Etc." The 2-CD set also includes a cover of The Band's "Evangeline" and the song "Leave Me Alone" that was released by Levon and the Hawks/The Canadian Squires as a 45 single in 1965.


Led by brothers Dallas and Travis Good, the Toronto-based Sadies honed a distinctive sound taking influence from traditional country, surf music and garage rock. After earning notice and adding backing singer Neko Case, the group issued their debut LP Precious Moments in 1998. Tremendous Efforts followed in early 2001, teaming them with Breeders/P.J. Harvey producer Steve Albini for the second time. A year later, Stories Often Told marked their first album without Albini, placing Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor in his position. The Sadies produced themselves on 2004's Favourite Colours, with Keelor, Nick Luca and Chris Shreenan-Dyck handling the engineering duties; Robyn Hitchcock made a guest appearance as vocalist and lyricist on one track. The Sadies have also recorded albums in collaboration with R&B legend Andre Williams and Mekons frontman Jon Langford.
--Jason Ankeny, All-Music Guide


  1. Show Intro
  2. Cheat
  3. Why Be So Curious?
  4. 1000 Cities Falling Apart (pt 1)
  5. Rat Creek
  6. Song Of The Chief Musician (pt 2)
  7. 16 Mile Creek
  8. Taller Than The Pines
  9. Lay Down Your Arms
  10. Higher Power
  11. Uncle Larry's Breakdown
  12. Eastern Winds
  13. Stay A Little Longer
  14. Northumberland West
  15. Lonely Guy
  16. Snow Squad
  17. Leave Me Alone
  18. Ridge Runner Reel
  19. 1,000,002 Songs
  20. Dying Is Easy
  21. Tiger Tiger
  22. Back Off
  23. Justine Alright
  24. Talking Down
  25. American Pageant
  26. Strange Birds
  27. Home
  28. Hold On, Hold On
  29. Evangeline
  30. Tailspin
  31. A Good Flying Day
  32. Lucifer Sam
  33. Another Day
  34. All Passed Away
  35. Story's Often Told
  36. You're Everywhere
  37. Within A Stone
  38. Food, Water, Etc.
  39. Jason Fleming
  40. Her Love Made Me
  41. Memphis, Egypt

The Sadies - In Concert Volume One - 2006 - Yep Roc 2122

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