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Ivan Neville: Scrape

[cover art]

2004 solo album from Neville Brother Ivan, with Robbie Robertson credited for "loops" -- the second to last song on the album called "With You All Along" carries the "Somewhere Down The Crazy River" drum beat.

On his first outing in two years, Ivan Neville takes his funky keyboard road show to Los Angeles, calls in a mess of friends, and has a party. Scrape was written by Neville with producer and multi-instrumentalist Gary Gold. Featuring 14 tracks of tight, grooved-out, funk and roll, the album is the best thing he's recorded since If My Ancestors Could See Me Now, his solo debut from 1988. Hard soul, funky, L.A. studio gloss, and dynamite performances from an inspired group of players who include Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt, Sweet Pea Atkinson, Harry Bowens, Michael Brecker, Waddy Wachtel, George Duke, Darryl Jones, Aaron Neville, Robben Ford, and a dozen others. Standout tracks include the hip hop reggae and soul groove of "Ghetto Street," with its riff purposefully lifted from Marvin Gaye's "Mercy, Mercy Me," the Stax shuffle of "A Lil' Humility," the bluesy New Orleans second line rhythm, the shimmering, funky blues of "Dance For Free," and the swampy, greasy funk of the title track, which is a tribute to the Meters. This is a gloriously wrought album, and an inspired performance, by one of America's grittiest and essential soul men.
--Thom Jurek, All-Music Guide


  1. What You Want From Me (Gold/Neville)
  2. The Ugly Truth (Gold/Neville)
  3. Ghetto Street (Gold/Neville/Thomkins)
  4. Lost Ball (Gold/Kortchmar/Neville)
  5. A Lil' Humility (Gold/Neville)
  6. Dance for Free (Gold/Neville)
  7. Before It's Gone (Gold/Neville)
  8. Scrape (Neville)
  9. Nothin Bout Love (Gold/Neville)
  10. Ode to 5 A.M. (Gold/Neville)
  11. Life's Been Good (Gold/Neville)
  12. Silence Is Better (Neville)
  13. With You All Along (Gold/Neville)
  14. What You Want From Me [live] (Gold/Neville)


  • Aaron Neville - Vocals
  • Ivan Neville - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
  • Bonnie Raitt - Vocals
  • Robbie Robertson - Loops
  • Bruce Willis - Executive Producer
  • Michael Brecker - Horn
  • George Duke - Keyboards
  • Robben Ford - Guitar
  • Sweet Pea Atkinson - Vocals
  • Sir Harry Bowens - Vocals
  • Alexandra Brown - Vocals
  • Tom Corwin - Engineer
  • Bernard Fowler - Vocals
  • Rob Fraboni - Engineer
  • Randall Jacobs - Guitar
  • Darryl Jones - Bass
  • Miles Joseph - Guitar
  • Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar - Loops
  • Val McCallum - Guitar
  • Leo Nocentelli - Guitar, Vocals
  • Keith Richards - Guitar, Vocals
  • Catherine Russell - Vocals
  • Doug Sax - Mastering
  • David Woodford - Horn
  • Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
  • Lee Thornberg - Horn, Horn Arrangements
  • Tracy Wallner - Art Direction
  • Jason Neville - Vocals
  • Valerie Pinkston - Vocals
  • Harold Hutchinson - Bass
  • Robert Hadley - Mastering
  • Jacquelyn Farris - Vocals
  • Jason Sinay - Guitar
  • Ian Neville - Guitar
  • Bobby Ray Watson - Bass

Ian Neville - Scrape - 2004 - Compendia 5554

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