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Michal: Sky with Stars

[cover art]

Born in Israel and named after the Biblical wife of David, singer/songwriter Michal moved to Harlem when she was still a baby and studied classical piano throughout her elementary school years. When she discovered rock -- Nirvana's Nevermind in particular -- she began writing her own songs and talked her way into her high school's jazz choir by offering to be an accompanist. After teaching herself guitar, Michal began playing gigs and soon established herself as part of Greenwich Village's Anti-Folk scene, working as a sound technician at Sidewalk Cafe and becoming friends with club owners. The owner of Tramps Cafe introduced Michal to one of her musical heroes, Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner. She gave Pirner a copy of her demo tape, and he expressed interest in producing her work; this led to attention from many labels, including Soul Asylum's home, Columbia. Michal signed with the label and released her debut album Sky With Stars in mid-2000, which featured several Pirner-produced tracks.
--Heather Phares, All-Music Guide

I first heard of Michal from a friend who had heard one of her songs playing in a record store in Chicago. She told me that Michal was somewhat of a cross between Sarah McLachlan and Ani DiFranco. Now that I have had the chance to listen to her myself, I think she was right. Michal is incredibly talented for someone so young. She writes all her lyrics and they contain much of the same poignant, beautiful honesty that Sarah McLachlan's do. There is also an edge to Michal's voice as well, you can hear every emotion she's feeling. Although all the songs on her debut CD are incredible, a few were exceptional. My favorites are Juliet's Refrain and Perfect. It would be easy to put Michal in the same category with other young singer/songstresses such as Kendall Payne and Shelby Starner, but Michal has her own style (as do Kendall and Shelby). I would recommend Sky with Stars to anyone who likes insightful, honest lyrics, beautiful instrumentals, and a gritty yet delicate voice. I can't wait to hear her next album.
--Amazon review

Garth Hudson is credited for playing Hammond synth on Sky with Stars.


  1. My Friend (Towber)
  2. Broken Boy (Towber)
  3. Light (Towber)
  4. Free Dirt (Towber)
  5. Juliet's Refrain (Towber)
  6. Perfect (Towber)
  7. Violet Delight (Towber)
  8. Flash (Towber)
  9. Best Way (Towber)
  10. April Is Gone (Towber)
  11. Ripe (Towber)
  12. Bliss (Towber)


  • Chris Lord-Alge - Mixing
  • Dae Bennett - Engineer
  • Greg Calbi - Mastering
  • John Carr - Art Direction
  • Don DeVito - Producer
  • Garth Hudson - Hammond Synth
  • David Pirner - Guitar, Producer
  • Art Smith - Guitar Techician
  • Jennifer Tzar - Photography
  • Doug Wynne - Assistant Engineer
  • Pete Donnelly - Mellotron
  • Michal - Producer

Michal - Sky with Stars- 2000 - RPM 40139/ Red Interactive 51082

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