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Jazz Chromatic Ensemble: Skydreams

[cover art]

This ambitious 1995 release features some of Italy's more adventurous jazz modernists along with the somewhat surprising guest appearance of American rock & roll legend Robbie Robertson who provides a spoken word narrative on one piece. Essentially, this large ensemble pursues feisty, big-band-style horn charts in conjunction with pumping rhythms, variegated textures, and complex time signatures to coincide with off-kilter themes, dashes of electronica, playful pandemonium, and electric guitarist Roberto Cecchetto's psychedelic persuasions. Pianist Umberto Petrin's minimalist composition titled "Ritratto" boasts a memorably melodic and softly stated hook atop a subtly climactic horn arrangement, whereas the band serves up punishing choruses along with blues-based lines and ardent soloing on the enticingly provocative piece "New York Dreamer." However, Robbie Robertson's austere narrative provides a paradoxical contrast to the band's radiant horns and spirited proclamations on the composition "Moosonee Shout of Rage." "Skydreams" is a thoroughly enterprising effort as the 30-minute title track is all about fragmented sequences stitched together and performed at an altogether dizzying pace. Overall, the band does sustain a high degree of interest as they incorporate vigorous soloing, lush melodies, and affable motifs into their cleverly constructed and expertly executed repertoire.
--Glenn Astarita, All-Music Guide


  1. Skydreams: Skydream #1/Skydream #2... (Petrin/Tarocchi)
  2. Ritratto (Petrin)
  3. New York Dresser (Cavallanti)
  4. Music for 13 Musicians: Introduction... (Tononi)
  5. Moosonee Shout of Rage (Tarocchi)
  6. Maniere de Commencement (Satie)


  • Robbie Robertson †-† Vocals
  • Tiziano Tononi †-† Percussion, Arranger, Drums
  • Marti Robertson †-† Engineer
  • Roberto Cecchetto †-† Guitar
  • Giovanni Maier †-† Double Bass
  • Renato Geremia †-† Sax (Alto)
  • Lauro Rossi †-† Trombone
  • Daniele Cavallanti †-† Arranger, Sax (Baritone), Producer
  • Umberto Petrin †-† Piano, Vocals
  • Ferdinando ArnÚ †-† Engineer
  • Paolo Russo †-† Trumpet
  • Marcello Noia †-† Clarinet, Sax (Alto)

Jazz Chromatic Ensemble - Skydreams - 1995 - CD - Splasc(h) 4732

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