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Eric Andersen: Stages - The Lost Album

[cover art]

In my opinion, some of Rick Danko's best recorded work from the last decade can be heard in his collaborations with Eric Andersen and Jonas Fjeld. Rick appeared on several cuts included on Andersen's Stages: The Lost Album, released in 1991. Of those cuts, my personal favorite is "Make It Last (Angel in the Wind)". Rick plays bass and sings harmony along with Shawn Colvin on the song. Andersen, Danko & Colvin-- three delicately beautiful voices that blend together perfectly. A glimpse of that magic that Rick performed when he sang with Richard and Levon can be heard in his singing with Eric and Shawn. Andersen, Danko & Colvin seem to be musical kindred spirits. Just as Rick breathed a new level of intensity in his interpretation of Andersen's "Blue River", included on the first DFA album, Ms. Colvin did the same with her brilliantly fresh version of "Twilight" from her Cover Girl album. Give the Stages album a listen. It's a perfect example of performers putting all their heart into the music. That's what really matters.
--David Powell

Eric Andersen returned to the mainstream with his critically acclaimed 1991 Columbia/Legacy album, Stages: The Lost Album. Rick Danko guests on three tracks, and Garth Hudson is backing up Andersen on one other track. The album includes the songs "Baby I'm Lonesome" and "Lie with Me" that also surfaced on the trio Danko/Fjeld/Andersen's second album Ridin' on the Blinds. The last track on Stages is Norwegian roots artist Jonas Fjeld's "Soul of My Song" (originally "Nerven i min Sang", co-written with Norwegian troubadour and media personality Ole Paus).


  1. Baby, I'm Lonesome (Andersen)
  2. Moonchild River Song (Andersen)
  3. Can't Get You out of My Life (Andersen)
  4. Woman, She Was Gentle (Andersen)
  5. Time Run Like a Freight Train (Andersen)
  6. It's Been a Long Time (Andersen)
  7. Wild Crow Blues (Andersen)
  8. Be True to You (Andersen)
  9. I Love to Sing My Ballad, Mama (Andersen)
  10. Dream to Rimbaud (Andersen)
  11. Make It Last (Angel in the Wind) (Andersen)
  12. Lie With Me (Andersen)
  13. Soul of My Song (Fjeld/Andersen/Nile/Paus)


(only members of the Band listed)
  • Rick Danko, bass/vocal/background vocal
  • Garth Hudson, accordion

Eric Andersen - Stages: The Lost Album - 57:51 - 1991 - Columbia/Legacy CK 47120

AMG Rating: 8 (out of 9)

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